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          A ship running on to rocks in a violent storm -- Monamy, Peter
          A ship wrecked in a storm off a rocky coast -- Pieter Meulener
          A Shipping Scene with Dutch Yacht -- Jan van de Cappelle
          A Shool for boys and girls -- Jan Steen
          A short break from pasture work -- Grant Wood
          A Shoulder -- Fernand Khnopff
          A Shower in Granada -- Antonio Munoz Degrain
          A Sibyl -- Palma il Vecchio
          A Sibyl ag -- PALMA GIOVANE
          A Sibyl dtj -- Domenichino
          A Sick Child Brought into the Temple of Aesculapius -- John William Waterhouse
          A Sick Child brought into the Temple of Aesculapius -- John William Waterhouse
          A siege of a city -- Peter Snayers
          A siege of a city, thought to be the siege of Gulik by the Spanish under the command of Hendrik van den Bergh, 5 September 1621-3 February 1622. -- Peter Snayers
          A silver gilt cup and cover -- COUWENBERGH, Christiaen van
          A single card game -- Edouard Vuillard
          A single-plank bridge -- Paul Gauguin
          A Sitting Yellow Lion -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Sixth Rate on the Stocks -- John Cleveley
          a skeleton falling off a horse in mid-air -- J.M.W.Turner
          A Skidegate Beaver Pole -- Emily Carr
          A Skidegate Pole -- Emily Carr
          A Skirmish in the Wilderness -- Winslow Homer
          A Slate Wharf,with the Village of Clappersgate and Coniston Fells,near the Head of Windermere-Forenoon (mk47) -- Ramsay Richard Reinagle
          A Sleeping Nymph Watched by a Shepherd -- Angelica Kauffmann
          A small English man-o-war proceeding down channel off Deal,the white cliffs in the distance -- Monamy, Peter
          A Small Sailing boat and a merchantman at sea in a rising Wind -- Monamy, Peter
          A small stab -- Frida Kahlo
          a smalschip on choppy seas,other shipping beyond -- unknow artist
          A Smoke Backstage -- William Michael Harnett
          A Smoke Backstage -- William Michael Harnett
          A Snowy Monday -- Lilla Cabot Perry
          A snowy view of the Smedestraat, Haarlem -- Eduard Alexander Hilverdink
          A Soldier with an Officer's Charge -- John F Herring
          A Soldier with an Officer's Charger -- Herring, John F. Sr.
          A Soldier with an Officer's Charger -- Herring, John F. Sr.
          A Soldier with an Officers Charger -- Herring, John F. Sr.
          A sondagseftermiddag pa on Allow to Magnifico Jatte -- Georges Seurat
          A Song of Springtime -- John William Waterhouse
          A Song for Saint dCecilia's Day -- John Tenniel
          A Sonnet -- Walter Shirlaw
          A Soul Brought to Heaven (mk26) -- Adolphe William Bouguereau
          A Southern Harbour Scene -- BERCHEM, Nicolaes
          A Southern Harbour Scene -- Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
          A southern landscape with drovers and their cattle resting before a set of ruins -- unknow artist
          A Southern Portrait -- Huntington Daniel

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