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          A Merry Company Making Music -- Dirck Hals
          A Merry Party -- Jan Steen
          A Mill near St Ives (mk46) -- William fraser garden
          A Mill on the Wye,Derbyshire (mk37) -- Alfred vickers
          A miracle by Saint Benedict -- Luca Giordano
          A Miracle of St Nicholas -- Gentile da Fabriano
          a model who would have considered unduly fat a few decades earlier was now permitted to be the subject of artistic study -- Ernst Josephson
          A modern midnight conversation -- William Hogarth
          A Modern Olympia -- Paul Cezanne
          A Modern Olympia -- Paul Cezanne
          A Modern Olympia -- Paul Cezanne
          A Modern Olympia -- Paul Cezanne
          A Moneychangr and His Wife -- Marinus van Reymerswaele
          A Mongolian nomad drives its horse to the white generation -- unknow artist
          A monk with a beguine -- cornelis cornelisz
          A monkey and a dog beside dead game and fruit, with the estate of Rijxdorp near Wassenaar in the background -- Jan Weenix
          A Moor Presenting a Parrot to a Lady -- Nicholaes Berchem
          A Moorhen, A Gull, A Scarlet Macaw and Red-Rumped A Cacique By a Stream in a Landscape -- Philip Reinagle
          A Moorish Girl with Parakeet -- Henriette Ronner
          A more cheerful pose, also from ca. -- REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn
          A Morning Snow -- George Wesley Bellows
          A Morning Snow Hudson River -- George Wesley Bellows
          A Morning Viw of Blue Hill Village -- Fisher Jonathan
          A Morning Walk -- John Singer Sargent
          A Morning Walk (nn02) -- John Singer Sargent
          A Morning; Dance of the Nymphs(Salon of 1850-1851) -- camille corot
          A Moroccan from the Sultan-s Guard -- Eugene Delacroix
          A Mortally Wounded Brigand Quenches his Thirst -- Eugene Delacroix
          A Mossy Glen -- Atkinson Grimshaw
          A mother combing the hair of her child, known as Hunting for lice -- Gerard ter Borch the Younger
          A Mother Entrusting Her Sons to Christ, -- Mattia Preti
          A Mother Feeding her Child -- Lepicie, Nicolas Bernard
          A mother Waking up from her Child-s Crying -- Karl Briullov
          A Mother-s Thoughts -- Carl Larsson
          A Mountain hut in Disrepair -- Albrecht Durer
          A mountain stream -- Johann Hermann Carmiencke
          A mountain torrent -- John glover
          A mountainous landscape with a maid before a chalet in a valley -- unknow artist
          A Mountainous River Landscape -- Jean-Baptiste Pillement
          A Mountainous River Landscape, -- Jean-Baptiste Pillement
          A Mountainous Wooded Landscape with a Torrent (nn03) -- Jacob van Ruisdael
          a mounted bugler blowing a large bell instrument. -- alexis de tocqueville
          A Mriacle of St Nicholas (mk080 -- Gentile da Fabriano
          A Muezzin Calling from the Top of a Minaret the Faithful to Prayer -- Jean-Leon Gerome
          A Muse -- Cosme Tura
          A Muse -- Cosme Tura

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