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          A Scene on the Ice vf -- AVERCAMP, Hendrick
          A Scholar -- REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn
          A Scholar Seated at a Desk -- REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn
          A Scholar Seated at a Desk -- Rembrandt Peale
          A school class with a sleeping schoolmaster -- Jan Steen
          A school class with a sleeping schoolmaster, oil on panel painting by Jan Steen, 1672 -- Jan Steen
          A Scottish Peasant Girl Embroidering Muslin at Luss,Loch Lomond -- Thomas Uwins
          A Sculptress,Miss Bruce -- Charles Shannon
          A Sculpture Gallery -- Alma Tadema
          A Sculpture Gallery in Rome at the Time of Augustus (mk23) -- Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
          A Sculpture's Model (mk23) -- Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
          A Sea Spell -- Dante Gabriel Rossetti
          A Seaport -- Claude Lorrain
          A Seaport at Sunrise -- Claude Lorrain
          A Seascape -- William Stott of Oldham
          A Seascape -- Claude Monet
          A Seascape, Shipping by Moonlight -- Claude Monet
          A Seascape,Shipping by Moonlight -- Claude Monet
          A Seashore -- VERNET, Claude-Joseph
          A Seated Lady -- Vaclav Brozik
          A Seated Lady -- Vaclav Brozik
          A Seated Man and a Girl with a Pitcher -- Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
          A Seated Oriental Beauty -- Emile Bernard
          A secret letter to -- Louis Lcart
          A Secret Liaison -- Frederic Soulacroix
          a seduction scene from mozart s opera don giovanni -- antonin dvorak
          A self portrait by George Stubbs -- George Stubbs
          A Self Portrait of Gilbert Stuart, Painted in 1778 -- Gilbert Stuart
          A self-portrait of Nikola Obrazopisov, -- unknow artist
          A sergeant of the Light Horse in Palestine -- George W.Lambert
          a set design by carlo ferrario for verdi s grand opera la forza del destino -- giuseppe verdi
          a set for an 1830 production of rossini s opera le siege de corinthe at the berlin state opera -- leigh hunt
          A shaykh in the prayer niche of a mosque -- Bihzad
          A Sheep-Shearing Match -- Eyre Crowe
          A Shepherd with His Flock -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Shepherdess and her Flock Watercolour heightened with white -- Jean-Franc Millet
          A shepherdess with her flock -- Cornelis Van Leemputten
          A Ship Aground. -- J.M.W. Turner
          A Ship and Seabirds near the Coast -- William Lionel Wyllie
          A ship in stormy waters -- Carl Bille
          A ship on fire at night -- Monamy, Peter
          A Ship running before a Gale -- Thomas Somerscales
          A ship running on to rocks in a violent storm -- Monamy, Peter
          A ship wrecked in a storm off a rocky coast -- Pieter Meulener
          A Shipping Scene with Dutch Yacht -- Jan van de Cappelle
          A Shool for boys and girls -- Jan Steen

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