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          A Quiet Pet detail -- John William Godward
          A Quiet Read (mk21) -- Vincenzo Irolli
          A quiet scene in Derbyshire -- George Turner
          A quiet scene in Derbyshire (oil painting) by George Turner -- unknow artist
          A Rainy Day -- Gustave Caillebotte
          A Rainy day in camp -- Winslow Homer
          A Rainy Day in Camp (mk44) -- Winslow Homer
          A Rake's Progress - Marriage -- William Hogarth
          A Rake's Progress II The Rake's Levee -- William Hogarth
          A Rake-s Progress,Tavern Scene -- William Hogarth
          A Rally (mk46) -- Sir John Lavery,RA
          A Ram -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Ram -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Rattvik Girl by Wooden Storehous -- Carl Larsson
          A Reading from Homer (mk23) -- Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
          A Reading from Moliere -- Jean Francois de troy
          A reading lady -- Pier Leone Ghezzi
          A reading of Moliere, -- Jean Francois de troy
          A rebel ambush in the woods of County Wicklow,from a contemporary Print -- Thomas Pakenham
          A Reclining Nude on a Day-bed -- Giovanni Boldini
          A Recon-naisance (mk43) -- Frederic Remington
          A Reconnaissance (mk43) -- Frederic Remington
          A reconstruction by William Sadler of the Battle of Vinegar Hill painted in about 1880 -- Thomas Pakenham
          A Red Haired Beauty -- Jean-Jacques Henner
          A Regatta on the Grand Canal (mk25) -- Canaletto
          A Regatta on the Grand Canal d -- Canaletto
          A Religious Procession in kursk province -- Ilya Repin
          A remembrance of the Villa Borghese, -- unknow artist
          A Reminiscence of Sherlock Holmes -- Frederic Dorr Steele
          A Rendevouz in constantinople -- Karl Briullov
          A Review Day under the Empire in the Cour de Carrousel near the Tuileries Palace (mk05) -- joseph-Louis-Hippolyte Bellange
          A Rich Kinto's Son -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Rich Mohammedan -- William Daniell
          A Richly Laid Table with Parrots -- Jan Davidsz. de Heem
          A Richly Laid Table with Parrots - detail cup -- Jan Davidz de Heem
          A Richly Laid Table with Parrots - detail cup -- Jan Davidsz. de Heem
          A Ride for Liberty -- Eastman Johnson
          A Ride for Liberty -- The Fugitive Slaves -- Eastman Johnson
          A Ride for Liberty-The Fugitive Slaves -- Eastman Johnson
          A Ride through Water -- unknow artist
          A Rider Conversing with a Peasant -- Philips Wouwerman
          A Rievr with Fishermen Drawing a Net -- RUYSDAEL, Salomon van
          a rising gale -- willem van de velde the younger
          A River Estuary -- Albert Bierstadt
          A River Estuary, -- Albert Bierstadt
          A river landscape with ducks and a heron eating an eel -- Pietro Cignaroli

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