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          A Daughter of the Revolution -- John George Brown
          A Day of Celebration -- fanny ekbom
          A Decorator of China -- Pierre Renoir
          A Dedication to Bacchus (mk23) -- Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
          A Deerhound with Dead Game and Implements of the Chase -- Jan Weenix
          A Delf burgher and his daughter -- Jan Steen
          A dervish awed by a prince s tajalli -- Bihzad
          A dervish begs to be admitted in the mosque -- Bihzad
          A Desperate Stand -- Charles M Russell
          A Dessert -- Jan Davidz de Heem
          A Dessert (mk05) -- Jan Davidz de Heem
          A Detachment of cavalry attacking a camp -- Philips Wouwerman
          a detail from a painting -- unknow artist
          A detail from Ruby -- Henry Scott Tuke
          A Difference of Opinion -- Alma Tadema
          A Difference of Opinion (mk23) -- Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
          A Difficult Duet -- Millet, Francis David
          A Dinner Table at Night (The Glass of Claret) (mk18) -- John Singer Sargent
          a direct north general view of sydney cove -- Woolner, Thomas
          A Dish of Fruit -- Joseph E.Southall
          A distant View of Florence (mk25) -- Thomas Patch
          A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society -- Landseer, Edwin Henry
          A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society -- Sir edwin henry landseer,R.A.
          A Doctor Examining Urine -- unknow artist
          A Doe against Landscape -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Doe Walking -- Niko Pirosmanashvili
          A Dog on a Stand -- OUDRY, Jean-Baptiste
          A Dog Swap -- Richard Norris Brooke
          a dolf erik nordenskiold i packisen med den infrusna vega i bkgrundec -- unknow artist
          A domestic garden scene -- unknow artist
          A Donator -- Petrus Christus
          A Donor Presented to the Virgin lkhi -- GUERCINO
          A Doss-House -- Makovsky, Vladimir
          A Doubtful Handshake -- Charles M Russell
          A drawing of a British two-decker off Calshot Castle -- Francis Swaine
          A drawing of a small British Sixth-rate warship in two positions -- Francis Swaine
          A dream in the Apennine -- Samuel Palmer
          A dream of the future -- William Powell Frith
          A Dreamer Nevermore -- Fernand Khnopff
          A Duck -- Albrecht Durer
          A Dune Landscape with a River and Many Figures -- Philips Wouwerman
          A Dutch Interior -- Pieter Janssens Elinga
          A Dutch Man-of-war and Various Vessels in a Breeze r -- VLIEGER, Simon de
          A Dutch Market Scene 3 -- Adrianus Eversen
          A Dutch Ship and a Kaag in a Fresh Breeze -- VROOM, Hendrick Cornelisz.
          A Dutch Ship and Fishing Boat in a Fresh Breeze -- Hendrik Cornelisz. Vroom

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