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Style: portrait

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Woman Reading oil painting picture wholesale

Woman Reading
Painting ID::  11405
1874 1' 6 1/4'' x 1' 3 1/4''(46.5 x 38.5 cm)Bequest of Gustave Caillebotte 1894

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Charles Le Coeur oil painting picture wholesale

Charles Le Coeur
Painting ID::  11406
1874 1' 4 1/2'' x 11 1/2''(42 x 29 cm)Gift of Eduardo Mollard,1961

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Young Woman with Veil oil painting picture wholesale

Young Woman with Veil
Painting ID::  11410
ca 1875 2' x 1' 8''(61 x 51 cm)Bequest of Mr.and Mrs.Raymond Koechlin,1931

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Alphonse Daudet oil painting picture wholesale

Alphonse Daudet
Painting ID::  11412
1876 1' 6'' x 1' 3''(46 x 38 cm)

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Portrait of a Wman(Georges Hartmann) oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of a Wman(Georges Hartmann)
Painting ID::  11413
1874 6'4'(183 x 123 cm)Gift of General Bourjat,1902

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Alphonsine Fournaise oil painting picture wholesale

Alphonsine Fournaise
Painting ID::  11415
1879 2' 5'' x 3' 1''(73.5 x 93 cm)Gift of D.David-Weil,1937

Artist: Berthe Morisot
 Berthe Morisot Young Woman Powdering Herself oil painting picture wholesale

Young Woman Powdering Herself
Painting ID::  11418
1877 1' 6'' x 1' 3 1/4''(46 x 39 cm Bequest of Antonin Personnaz,1937)

Artist: Mary Cassatt
 Mary Cassatt Sewing Woman oil painting picture wholesale

Sewing Woman
Painting ID::  11420
ca. 1880 -1882 3' x 2' 1''(92 x 63 cm)Gift of Antonin Personnaz,1937

Artist: Berthe Morisot
 Berthe Morisot Young Woman in Evening Dress oil painting picture wholesale

Young Woman in Evening Dress
Painting ID::  11421
1879 2' 4'' x 1' 9 1/4''(71 x 54 cm)

Artist: Camille Pissarro
 Camille Pissarro Self-Portrait oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  11429
1873 1' 10'' x 1' 6 1/4''(56 x 46.5 cm)Gift of PaulEmile Pissarro,1930

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