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Style: portrait

Artist: Claude Monet
 Claude Monet Louis joachim Gaudibert oil painting picture wholesale

Louis joachim Gaudibert
Painting ID::  11356
1868 7' 1 1/2'' x 4' 6 1/2''(217 x 138.5 cm)

Artist: Paul Cezanne
 Paul Cezanne Head of and Old Man oil painting picture wholesale

Head of and Old Man
Painting ID::  11358
ca 1866 1' 8'' x 1' 7''(51 x 48 cm)

Artist: Paul Cezanne
 Paul Cezanne Achille Emperaire oil painting picture wholesale

Achille Emperaire
Painting ID::  11359
ca 1868 6' 6 3/4'' x 4'()200x 122 cm Gift of Mrs.Rene Lecomte and Mrs.Louis de Chaisemartin,1964

Artist: Paul Cezanne
 Paul Cezanne The Magdalen,or Sorrow oil painting picture wholesale

The Magdalen,or Sorrow
Painting ID::  11360
ca 1868-1869 5' 5'' x 4' 1 1/2''(165 x 125.5 cm) Gift of an anonymous Canadian,1952

Artist: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes
 Pierre Puvis de Chavannes The Pigeon oil painting picture wholesale

The Pigeon
Painting ID::  11369
1871 4' 6'' x 2' 9''(136.5 x 84 cm) Gift of Mr.Acquavella,1987.

Artist: Edouard Manet
 Edouard Manet Woman with Fans(Nina de Callias) oil painting picture wholesale

Woman with Fans(Nina de Callias)
Painting ID::  11395
1873 3\' 8 3/4\'\' x 5\' 5 1/2\'\'(113.5 x 166.5 cm)Gift of Mr.and Mrs.Ernest Rouart,1930

Artist: Edouard Manet
 Edouard Manet Portrait of Mme Manet on a Blue Sofa oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of Mme Manet on a Blue Sofa
Painting ID::  11396
ca 1874 Pastel,1' 8'' x 2'(50.5 x 61 cm)

Artist: Edouard Manet
 Edouard Manet Georges Clemenceau oil painting picture wholesale

Georges Clemenceau
Painting ID::  11377
1878-1880 3' 1 1/4'' x 2' 5 1/4''(94.5cm x 74 cm)Gift of Mrs.Louisine W.Havemeyer,1927

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Darras oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  11403
ca 1873 1' 6 3/4'' x 1' 3 1/4''(47.5 x 39 cm)Gift of Baroness Eva Gebhard-Gourgaud,1965

Artist: Auguste renoir
 Auguste renoir Self-Portrait oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  11404
7 1/2 '' x 5 1/2''(19 x 14 cm)Gift of Daniel Guerin,1952

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