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Style: abstract

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele House with Drying Laundry (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

House with Drying Laundry (mk12)
Painting ID::  22149
1917 Haus mit trocknender Wasche Oil on canvas,110 x 140.4 cm Kallir P 311;Los Angeles,Nathan and Marion Smooke Collection

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele The Small City I (Dead City VI) (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

The Small City I (Dead City VI) (mk12)
Painting ID::  22150
1912 Die Kleine Stadt I (Tote Stadt VI) Oil on canvas,80 x 80 cm Kallir P 246;Zurich,Kunsthaus Zurich

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Suburb I (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Suburb I (mk12)
Painting ID::  22151
1914 Vorstadt I Canvas mounted on pressed wood,101 x 120.5 cm Kallir P282;Stuttgart,Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Summer Landscape (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Summer Landscape (mk12)
Painting ID::  22152
1918 Sommerlandschaft Oil on canvas,110.3 x 138.9 cm Kallir P 312;Private collection

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele The Dancer Moa (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

The Dancer Moa (mk12)
Painting ID::  22154
1911 Die Tanzerin Moa Gouache??Watercolour and pencil,47.8 x 31.5 cm Kallir D 906;Vienna,Sammlung Rudolf Leopold

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Houses with Laundry (subrub II) (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Houses with Laundry (subrub II) (mk12)
Painting ID::  22155
1914 Hauser mit Wasche (Vorstadt II) Oil on canvas,100.5 x 120.5 cm Kallir P 283;Vienna,Sammlung Rudolf Leopold

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele The Samll city III (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

The Samll city III (mk12)
Painting ID::  22156
1912/13 Die kleine Stadt III Oil on canvas,98.5 x 90.5 cm Kallir P261;Vienna,Private collection

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Seated Female Nude,Elbows Resting on Right Knee (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Seated Female Nude,Elbows Resting on Right Knee (mk12)
Painting ID::  22157
1914 Sitzender Madchenakt,,die Ellenbogen auf das rechte Knie Gestutzt Gouache and pencil,48.3 x 32 cm Kallir D 1490;Vienna,Graphische Sammlung Albertina

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Nude Woman (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Nude Woman (mk12)
Painting ID::  22158
1914 Sitzender Akt (Junge nackte Witenerin) Gouache,watercolour and pencil,48 x 32.2 cm Kallir D 1509;London,Fischer Fine Art

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele The Artist' Wife,seated (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

The Artist' Wife,seated (mk12)
Painting ID::  22159
1917 Die Frau des Kunstlers,sitzend Gouache and black crayon,46.1 x 29.7 cm Kallir D 1907;Vienna,Graphische Sammlung Albertina

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