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Style: abstract

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Standing Woman in Red (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Standing Woman in Red (mk12)
Painting ID::  22000
1913 Stehende Frau in Rot Gouache,watercolour and pencil 48.3x29.2cm Kallir D1347 Private collection,courtesy Galerie St.,Etienne,New York

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Sleeping Child (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Sleeping Child (mk12)
Painting ID::  22062
1910 Schlafendes Kind Gouach and pencil with white highlighting 45.1x31.5cm

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Two Guttersnipes (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Two Guttersnipes (mk12)
Painting ID::  22063
1910 Zwei Gassenbuben Gouache,watercolour and pencil 39.1x32.1cm

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Girl with Hood (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Girl with Hood (mk12)
Painting ID::  22064
1910 Madchen mit Haube Gouache, watercolour and pencil 43.5x30cm

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele The Truth Unveiled oil painting picture wholesale

The Truth Unveiled
Painting ID::  22076
1913 Die Wahrheit wurde enthullt Gouache,watercolour and pencil 48.3x32.1cm

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Self-Portrait with Raised Arms,Back View (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Self-Portrait with Raised Arms,Back View (mk12)
Painting ID::  22077
1912 Selbstbildnis mit erhobenen Armen,Ruckenansicht Gouach and pencil 52x33cm

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Autumn Sun I (MK12) oil painting picture wholesale

Autumn Sun I (MK12)
Painting ID::  22125
1912 Herbstsonne I Oil on canvas 80.2x80.5cm

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Krumau Town Crescent I(The Small City V) (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Krumau Town Crescent I(The Small City V) (mk12)
Painting ID::  22146
1915/16 Krumau Hauserbogen (Die Kleine Stadt V) Oil on canvas 109.7 x 140 cm Kallir P291;Jerusalem,The Israel Museum

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Yellow City (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Yellow City (mk12)
Painting ID::  22147
1914 Gelbe Stadt Oil on canvas,110 x 140 cm Kallir P286;private collection

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Krumau Landscape (Town and River) (mk12) oil painting picture wholesale

Krumau Landscape (Town and River) (mk12)
Painting ID::  22148
1915/16 Krumauer Landschaft (Stadt und Flu) Oil on canvas 110.5 x 141 cm Kallir P 298;Linz,Wolfgang-Gurlitt-Sammlung in der Neuen Galerie der Stadt Linz

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