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          The Annunciation dfg -- CIMA da Conegliano
          The Annunciation dg -- GAROFALO
          The Annunciation dg02 -- DAVID, Gerard
          The Annunciation dh -- FRUEAUF, Rueland the Elder
          The Annunciation f -- JANSSENS, Jan
          The Annunciation f7 -- Andrea del Sarto
          The Annunciation fd -- BOTTICELLI, Sandro
          The Annunciation fdgf -- Caravaggio
          The Annunciation gfhfghgf -- BOTTICELLI, Sandro
          The Annunciation kljk -- CERUTI, Giacomo
          The Annunciation of the Magi -- James Ensor
          The Annunciation of Ustyug -- unknow artist
          The Annunciation one of the Four predella panel of the St Lucy altarpiece -- DOMENICO VENEZIANO
          The Annunciation qow -- BROEDERLAM, Melchior
          The Annunciation sdgm -- GRECO, El
          The Annunciation sdw -- EYCK, Jan van
          The Annunciation sg97 -- MASTER of the Aix Annunciation
          The Annunciation syy -- MASOLINO da Panicale
          The Annunciation to Joachim and Anna dfg -- FERRARI, Gaudenzio
          The Annunciation to Joachim rrt -- CRANACH, Lucas the Elder
          The Annunciation to the Shepherds -- Jacopo Bassano
          The Annunciation to the Shepherds -- BASSANO, Jacopo
          The Annunciation to the Virgin -- Hendrick Terbrugghen
          The Annunciation with Donor -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          The Annunciation with Saints A triptych (mk05) -- Carlo di Braccesco
          The Annunciation with Saints Catherine,Anthony Abbot,Procolo,and Francis -- Lorenzo Monaco
          The Annunciation with Saints Margaret Mary Magdalen Paul John the Baptist Jerome and Francis (mk05) -- Fra Bartolommeo
          The Annunciation with SS.Ansanus and Margaret and Four Prophets -- Simone Martini
          The Annunciation with SS.Catherine,Antony Abbot,Proculus,and Francis Christ Blessing -- Lorenzo Monaco
          The Annunciation with St. Margaret and St. Asano, -- Simone Martini
          The Annunciation with two kneeling donors -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          The Annunciation with two Kneeling Donors -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          The annunciation with Two Saints -- Simone Martini
          The Annunciation y -- LANFRANCO, Giovanni
          The Annunciation, National Gallery of Art -- MASOLINO da Panicale
          The Annunciation,The Visitation,THe Adoration of theAngels,The Adoration of the Magi -- Dieric Bouts
          The Annunciation,The Visitation,THe Adoration of theAngels,The Adoration of the Magi -- Dieric Bouts
          the annunciation,with st.emidius -- Carlo Crivelli
          The Annunciation-o -- Leonardo Da Vinci
          The Annunciation:The Angel -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          The Annunciation:The Virgin Annunciate -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          The Ansidei Altarpiece, -- Raphael
          The Answer -- Ludwig Deutsch
          The antepuerto of Rouen -- Corot Camille
          The Antique Store -- Luis Paret y alcazar
          The Anunciacion -- ALLORI Alessandro

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