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          Sir Elijah Impey -- Johann Zoffany
          Sir Endymion Porter and the Artist dfh -- DYCK, Sir Anthony Van
          sir fohn franklin ledde fyra arktiska exprditioner -- william r clark
          Sir Francis Drake -- GHEERAERTS, Marcus the Younger
          Sir Francis Drake after 1590 -- Marcus Gheeraerts
          Sir Francis Drake dfg -- GHEERAERTS, Marcus the Younger
          Sir Francis Godolphin of Godolphin -- Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen
          Sir Francis Sykes and Family -- Maclise, Daniel
          Sir Frank Swettenham -- John Singer Sargent
          Sir Frank Swettenham -- John Singer Sargent
          Sir Frank Swettenham -- John Singer Sargent
          Sir Frescheville Holles, -- Sir Peter Lely
          Sir Galahad -- George Frederick
          Sir Galahad at the Ruined Chapel (mk28) -- Dante Gabriel Rossetti
          Sir George Beaumont -- John Hoppner
          sir george beaumont -- John Hoppner
          sir george hayter -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Sir George Lloyd Hodges -- Anonymous
          Sir George Savile -- Marcus Gheeraerts
          Sir Gregory Page-Turner dfhf -- BATONI, Pompeo
          Sir Henry Guildford Holbein -- unknow artist
          sir henry raeburn,spencer -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Sir Henry Untonwas a well-to-do Elizabethan Gentheman -- unknow artist
          Sir Henry Webb, Baronet -- John Jackson
          Sir Henry Wyatt (mk05) -- Hans Holbein
          Sir Isaac Newton -- Sir Godfrey Kneller
          Sir Isaac Newton art -- THORNHILL, Sir James
          Sir Isumbras at the Ford -- Sir John Everett Millais
          sir james macdonald and sir alexander macdonald -- William Blake
          sir james matthew barrie -- James Pryde and William Nicholson
          sir john franklin ledde fyra arktiska expeditioner -- unknow artist
          Sir John Harington and his wfie -- Hieronimo Custodis
          Sir John Harington and his wfie, Mary Rogers, Lady Harington -- Hieronimo Custodis
          Sir John Hawkins -- unknow artist
          sir john lavery -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Sir John Petre of ingatestone Hall -- unknow artist
          Sir John Soane -- Sir Thomas Lawrence
          Sir John Suckling -- Anthony Van Dyck
          sir josgua reynolds -- Anthony Van Dyck
          sir joshua reynolds dcl -- Sir Joshua Reynolds
          Sir Martin Archer Shee -- Sir Edward john Poynter,Bart.PRA,RWS
          Sir Martin Frobisher -- Cornelis Ketel
          sir martn archer shee -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Sir Nathaniel and Lady Caroline Curzon -- Arthur Devis
          Sir Neil O'Neill -- John Michael Wright
          Sir Nigel Sustains England-s Honor in the Lists -- NC Wyeth

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