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          Self-Portrait with a Drawing of a Male Nude -- Luis Melendez
          Self-Portrait with a Glass of Champagne -- Max Beckmann
          Self-portrait with a Harp -- unknow artist
          Self-portrait with a Hat -- Peter Paul Rubens
          Self-Portrait with a Hat -- Paul Raud
          Self-Portrait with a Japanese Print (nn04) -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Self-portrait with a Medallion on a gold chain (mk33) -- Samuel van hoogstraten
          self-portrait with a Palette -- Gerard Dou
          Self-portrait with a palette -- Jacek Malczewski
          Self-Portrait with a Palette -- Paul Cezanne
          Self-portrait with a palette -- Ludwik de Laveaux
          Self-portrait with a palette -- Jacek Malczewski
          Self-portrait with a palette. -- Franciszek zmurko
          Self-portrait with a palette. -- Ludwik de Laveaux
          Self-portrait with a Portrait of Her Sister -- Rosalba carriera
          Self-Portrait with a Portrait of his Wife,Margaretha van Rees,and their Daughter,Maria -- Adriaen van der werff
          Self-Portrait with a Pug -- William Hogarth
          Self-Portrait with a Scull-Cap -- Edouard Manet
          Self-Portrait with a Servant and Flowers -- Mario Dei Fiori
          Self-Portrait with a shell -- Mikhail Vrubel
          Self-Portrait with a Sunflower -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Self-Portrait with a Vanitas Still life -- Evert Collier
          Self-portrait with Amber Necklace -- Paula Modersohn-Becker
          Self-Portrait with an Architect Friend -- Giovanni Battista Paggi
          Self-portrait with and Daughter -- Thomas Gainsborough
          Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear (nn04) -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe (nn04) -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Self-Portrait with Bare Stomach (mnk12) -- Egon Schiele
          Self-Portrait with Beret and Gold Chain -- REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn
          Self-portrait with Black Bandage -- Rik Wouters
          Self-Portrait with Black Clay Vase and Spread Fingers (mk12) -- Egon Schiele
          Self-Portrait with Bonito -- Frida Kahlo
          Self-Portrait with Braid -- Frida Kahlo
          Self-Portrait with Cap -- Max Liebermann
          Self-Portrait with Cap and Sighting Eye-Shield -- Christian Friedrich Gille
          Self-Portrait with Chinese Lantern Fruit -- Egon Schiele
          Self-Portrait with Cigarette. -- Henri-Edmond Cross
          Self-portrait with Dark Felt Hat (nn04) -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Self-portrait with Daughters sg -- PESNE, Antoine
          Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Violin -- Arnold Bocklin
          Self-Portrait with Diego on My Breast and Maria on My Brow -- Frida Kahlo
          Self-Portrait with Doctor Arrieta -- Francisco de goya y Lucientes
          Self-Portrait with Dog -- Rembrandt van rijn
          Self-Portrait with Dr Arrieta -- Francisco Goya

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