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          Sailing off the Kilitbahir Fortress in the Dardenelles -- Michael Zeno Diemer
          Sailing ship off Gibraltar -- Anton Melbye
          Sailing Ships at Deauville -- Eugene Boudin
          Sailing ships in the harbor -- Antonie Waldorp
          Sailing ships off a rocky coast -- William Buelow Gould
          Sailing Signal Gun -- Arthur Hughes
          Sailing vessel at sea (mk31) -- Joseph Mallord William Turner
          Sailing Vessels in a Choppy sea -- Jacob van Ruisdael
          Sailing vessels in a Fresh Breeze -- Jacob van Ruisdael
          Sailing-ships in trieste harbour -- Egon Schiele
          Sailor Boy -- Pierre Renoir
          Sailor I (mk35) -- Henri Matisse
          Sailor II (mk35) -- Henri Matisse
          Sailor's Funeral in the Country -- Nils Gustav Wentzel
          Sailor-s Cross -- Paul Signac
          Sailors -- Charles Cottet
          Sailors Carousing -- Julius Caesar Ibbetson
          sails and pines -- saint tropez
          Sailsbury Cathedral From the Bishop-s Garden -- John Constable
          Sailvportratt med modell(Self-portrait with a model) -- Anders Zorn
          Saino berry person -- Winslow Homer
          Saint Agatha Attended by Saint Peter and an Angel in Prison -- Alessandro Turchi
          Saint Agnes -- Francisco de Zurbaran
          Saint Agnes drtw -- Domenichino
          Saint Albert the Great af -- TOMMASO DA MODENA
          Saint Alexander -- Girolamo Romanino
          Saint Aloysius Gonzaga with the crucifix -- Anonymous
          Saint Ambrose barring Theodosius I from Milan Cathedral -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Saint Ambrose forbids emperor Theodosius -- Peter Paul Rubens
          Saint Ambrose forbids emperor Theodosius I to enter the church -- Peter Paul Rubens
          Saint Andrew and Saint Thomas -- Gian Lorenzo Bernini
          Saint Anne with the Virgin and the Child -- unknow artist
          Saint Anthony -- Anonymous
          Saint anthony abbot in an extensive river landscape -- unknow artist
          Saint Anthony Abbot Saint Paul the Hermit -- Diego Velazquez
          Saint Anthony of Padua -- Hans Memling
          Saint anthony of padua in prayer -- unknow artist
          Saint Anthony of Padua Vincenzo Foppa -- Vincenzo Foppa
          Saint Anthony the Abbot Tempted by a Lump of Gold -- ANGELICO Fra
          Saint Anthony with pig in background, c. 1480 -- Piero di Cosimo
          Saint Anthony, tormented by Demons. -- Anonymous
          Saint Antoine abbe (df02) -- Diego Velazquez
          Saint Antoine abbe et Saint Paul ermite (df02) -- Diego Velazquez
          Saint Antony of Padua holding Baby Jesus -- Bernardo Strozzi
          Saint Aonuo Furry Austria's story -- Lorenzo Monaco
          Saint Apollonia -- Francisco de Zurbaran

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