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          Painting -- Francis Bacon
          Painting -- unknow artist
          Painting -- Childe Hassam
          Painting -- Almeida Junior
          Painting -- Nicolas de Stael
          Painting -- Henry Richard S. Bunnett
          Painting -- Marsden Hartley
          Painting -- Edmund Blair Leighton
          Painting -- Henry Richard S. Bunnett
          Painting -- Almeida Junior
          Painting -- David Maitland Armstrong
          Painting -- Correggio
          Painting -- unknow artist
          Painting Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle -- George Romney
          Painting Breathes Life into Sculpture -- Jean Leon Gerome
          Painting Breathes Life into Sculpture -- Jean-Leon Gerome
          Painting Breathes Life Into Sculpture -- Jean-Leon Gerome
          Painting by Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville -- Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville
          Painting by Daniel Huntington after Matthew Harris Jouett, -- Peter Buell Porter
          Painting by Danish painterGodfred Christensen -- Godfred Christensen
          Painting by Dominicus van der Smissen -- unknow artist
          Painting by Gustave Courbet in Museum of Fine Arts of Besancon -- Gustave Courbet
          Painting by Henry Dawson 1847 of King Charles I raising his standard at Nottingham Castle 24 August 1642 -- Henry Dawson
          Painting by John Michael Wright of Catherine Cecil and James Cecil, -- John Michael Wright
          Painting by Vincent van Gogh - on display in the Fundatie museum in Zwolle -- Vincent Van Gogh
          Painting Depicing Fame -- Giovanni da san giovanni
          Painting depicting historical episode between Scipio Africanus and Allucius -- Giovanni Battista Gaulli Called Baccicio
          Painting fashionable marriage group s visit to doctor -- William Hogarth
          Painting Frokost -- Gustav Wentzel
          Painting in memoriam of the Carinthian Plebiscite -- Felix Esterl
          Painting Landskap fra Drachenwand ved Mondsee -- Hans Gude
          Painting Nattoget -- Gustav Wentzel
          Painting Number 5 -- Marsden Hartley
          Painting of a barricade on Rue Soufflot -- Horace Vernet
          Painting of a gallow -- Pieter Bruegel the Elder
          Painting of Alfred Sisley in the Orsay Museum -- Alfred Sisley
          Painting of Alfred Sisley in the Orsay Museum, Paris -- unknow artist
          Painting of Anna Mahler -- unknow artist
          Painting of Caspar David Friedrich -- Caspar David Friedrich
          Painting of Caspar David Friedrich in the Old National Gallery, Berlin -- Caspar David Friedrich
          Painting of Castle Harbach in the 19th century -- Markus Pernhart
          Painting of Governor William Rush Merriam -- Adolfo Muller-Ury
          Painting of J.C. Kapteyn at his desk -- Jan Veth
          Painting of John Gays -- William Hogarth
          Painting of John the Baptist -- Giuseppe Vermiglio
          Painting of John the Baptist, -- unknow artist

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