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          Madonna and Child _1 -- Albrecht Durer
          Madonna and child, and Sta Martina and Sta Agnes -- El Greco
          Madonna and Child, Saint Anne and the Angels -- MASOLINO da Panicale
          Madonna and Child, St Catherine and the Blessed Stefano Maconi fgtr -- BORGOGNONE, Ambrogio
          Madonna and Child, tempera -- Filippino Lippi
          Madonna and Child, Two Angels and the Young St. John the Baptist -- Sandro Botticelli
          Madonna and child,with sts.lawrence and julian -- Gentile da Fabriano
          Madonna and Child,with the Young St.John and Two Angels -- Sandro Botticelli
          Madonna and Child. -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          Madonna and Child. -- Camillo Procaccini
          Madonna and Child. -- Camillo Procaccini
          Madonna and Child; St Francis of Assisi dfg -- CRIVELLI, Carlo
          Madonna and Childs, Saints, and Donors -- unknow artist
          Madonna and Child_y -- Albrecht Durer
          Madonna and Chile (mk08) -- Jean Fouquet
          madonna and chold enthroned between four angels -- Piero della Francesca
          Madonna and Christ Child -- FRANCIABIGIO
          Madonna and its long neck -- Girolamo Parmigianino
          Madonna and Saints -- Pietro da Cortona
          Madonna and Saints (detail) gj -- FRANCIA, Francesco
          Madonna and Saints dg -- COSTA, Lorenzo
          Madonna and Saints whh -- FRANCIA, Francesco
          Madonna and Son with histories of the life of Holy Ana -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          Madonna and Sts Clement and Just -- Master of The Castello Nativity
          Madonna and the child Enthroned with Saint john the Baptist,Victor,Bermard and Zenobius -- Fra Filippo Lippi
          Madonna and the Fish -- Raphael
          Madonna Annunciate -- Gaetano Gandolfi
          Madonna Annunciate -- Gaetano Gandolfi
          Madonna Annunciate -- Francesco di Giorgio Martini
          Madonna at the Rose Bush -- Martin Schongauer
          Madonna Benois Madonna with a Flower -- Leonardo Da Vinci
          Madonna by the Fireside -- Robert Campin
          Madonna by the Wall -- Albrecht Durer
          Madonna Child -- Biljert, Jan Hermansz. van
          Madonna Child ff -- Raphael
          Madonna Child with St.Joseph and St.John the Baptist -- Jacopo Pontormo
          Madonna col Bambino, Santa Elisabetta e San Giovannino -- Andrea del Sarto
          madonna conestabile -- Raphael
          Madonna Crowned by an Angel -- Albrecht Durer
          Madonna Crowned by Two Angels -- Albrecht Durer
          Madonna d'Orleans -- Raphael
          Madonna dal Collo Lungo (Madonna with Long Neck) ga -- PARMIGIANINO
          Madonna de Padiglionel -- Sandro Botticelli
          Madonna degli Alberetti 25 -- BELLINI, Giovanni
          Madonna dei garofani -- Raphael
          Madonna dei Tramonti by Pietro Lorenzetti -- Pietro Lorenzetti

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