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          King David -- Manohar
          King David Handing the Letter to Uriah -- Pieter Lastman
          King Drinks -- Jan Miense Molenaer
          King Ella's messengers before Ragnar Lodbrok's sons -- august malmstrom
          King Ferdinand VII with Royal Mantle -- Francisco de goya y Lucientes
          King George III -- Allan Ramsay
          King George III -- Allan Ramsay
          King George III -- Allan Ramsay
          King George III -- Allan Ramsay
          King George V and Queen Mary -- Walter Sickert
          king gustav vasa of sweden addressing men from dalarna in mora -- johan gustaf sandberg
          King Gustav Vasa of Sweden Addressing Men from Dalarna in Mora -- johan gustaf sandberg
          king gustav vistis the academy of fine arts -- elias martin, gustav
          King Harold falls in battle -- unknow artist
          King James I of England r -- SOMER, Paulus van
          King James II. -- unknow artist
          King Jan III Sobieski meets emperor Leopold I near Schwechat -- Artur Grottger
          King Lear -- Benjamin West
          King Lear mourns Cordelia death -- James Barry
          King Lear,Cordelia's Farewell Act 1,Scene 1 -- unknow artist
          King Louis Philippe -- Franz Xaver Winterhalter
          King Louis XIII kj -- CERUTI, Giacomo
          King Ludwig II of Bavaria in generals' uniform and coronation robe -- Ferdinand von Piloty
          King Midas Judging the Musical Contest between Apollo and Pan -- LIPPI, Fra Filippo
          King of Delhi -- Orlando Norie
          King of England at the Hunt -- Anthony Van Dyck
          King Pest -- James Ensor
          King Philip four th elephants -- unknow artist
          king philip ii of spain painted -- john masefield
          King Philip II r -- TIZIANO Vecellio
          King Philip IV as a Huntsman -- unknow artist
          King philip iv of spain -- VELAZQUEZ, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y
          King Philip V andHis Family -- Jean Ranc
          King Pippin -- George John Pinwell,RWS
          King Rene -- Nicolas Froment
          King Rene's Honeymoon -- Dante Gabriel Rossetti
          King Senwosret i striding -- unknow artist
          King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba qr -- WITZ, Konrad
          King Solomon in the Prison -- unknow artist
          King Sveno (Detail) -- unknow artist
          King track. Bogazkoy Turkey -- unknow artist
          King Zaw enthroned and holding the royal cup -- unknow artist
          kingfisher -- J.M.W.Turner
          Kinght,Death and Devil -- Albrecht Durer
          Kings and old warriors -- unknow artist
          Kings College Chapel -- Peter Paul Rubens

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