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          Henry Greg -- Edouard Vuillard
          Henry - Boy and Rabbit -- Sir Henry Raeburn
          Henry Abbott -- Hicks, Thomas
          Henry Abbott -- unknow artist
          Henry Addington -- John Singleton Copley
          Henry AiKeSi dimension -- Edouard Vuillard
          Henry auguste lady -- Edouard Vuillard
          Henry Bernstein enfant (mk40) -- Edouard Manet
          Henry Brandon -- Hans holbein the younger
          Henry Brouncker, 3rd Viscount Brouncker -- Sir Peter Lely
          Henry Clay -- John Neagle
          Henry Clay Frick and Daughter Helen -- Edmund Charles Tarbell
          Henry Davison,English Poet -- Louise Breslau
          Henry Dawkins -- Maurice quentin de la tour
          Henry Duke of Cumberland (mk25) -- Thomas Gainsborough
          Henry Elliot,Aide-de-Camp to sir Thoms Hislop,Carried in a Palanquin beneath the Walls of the Fort of Bharatpur -- Thomas Van Buerle
          Henry Fiennes Clinton,9th Earl of Lincoln,with his wife,Catherine and his son,George,on the great terrace at Oatlands -- Arthur Devis
          Henry Ford Hospital portrays Frida Kahlo-s Loss of he second pregnancy. -- Frida Kahlo
          Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales and Sir John Harington -- Robert Peake the Elder
          Henry Frederick,Prince of Wales and Sir John Harrington -- Robert Peake the Elder
          Henry geyl Forder Knight -- Hans Holbein
          Henry Grace a Dieu -- Anonymous
          Henry Grattan -- Thomas Pakenham
          Henry Howard The Earl of Surrey -- Hans Holbein
          Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry -- Peter Paul Rubens
          Henry Iv Receiving The Portrait of Maria de'Medici (mk27) -- Peter Paul Rubens
          Henry IV, King of France in Armour F -- POURBUS, Frans the Younger
          Henry Knox -- Charles Willson Peale
          Henry Knox by Peale -- Charles Wilson Peale
          Henry Lerolle -- Pierre Auguste Renoir
          Henry Mark Anthony -- Henry Mark Anthony
          Henry Martin Boulevard -- Edouard Vuillard
          Henry Ossawa Tanner, -- Henry Ossawa Tanner
          Henry Ossawa Tanner, -- Henry Ossawa Tanner
          Henry Ossawa Tanner, The Banjo Lesson, -- Henry Ossawa Tanner
          Henry Peckwell -- John Russell
          Henry Percy 9th Earl of Northumberland -- Nicholas Hilliard
          Henry Prince of Wales -- Robert Peake the Elder
          henry rich -- unknow artist
          Henry Samary -- Henri de toulouse-lautrec
          Henry Samary -- Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
          Henry Samary (mk09) -- Henri de toulouse-lautrec
          Henry St John -- VLIEGER, Simon de
          Henry Stone -- Sir Peter Lely
          Henry Tonks. -- Walter Sickert
          Henry V (mk25 -- Anonymous

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