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          Ex Voto de -- Philippe de Champaigne
          Ex-President -- Asher Brown Durand
          Ex-Voto -- Philippe de Champaigne
          Exaltation of the Cross -- Piero della Francesca
          Exaltation of the Cross -- Juan de Valdes Leal
          Exaltation of the Cross-inhabitants of Jerusalem -- Piero della Francesca
          examensklangen -- Eric Hallstrom
          Excavation at Night -- George Bellows
          Excavation at Night (mk43) -- George Bellows
          Excavation Worker -- Georges Seurat
          excelsior -- Carl Larsson
          excersis -- Eric Hallstrom
          Excess -- Albert Anker
          Excursion of the Harem -- Jean Leon Gerome
          Execution of Lady jane Grey -- Paul Delaroche
          Execution of major en:Abraham DavelAbraham Davel -- BRAMANTE
          Execution of Savonarola on the Piazza della Signoria -- unknow artist
          Execution scene of Mary at Fotheringhay in 1587 -- unknow artist
          Execution Without Trial -- Henri Regnault
          Execution Without Trial under the Moorish Kings of Granada -- Henri Regnault
          Exercise -- Joseph Mallord William Turner
          Exeution of the Rebels of 3 May 1808 -- Francisco de Goya
          Exhausted Life -- Nicolas de Stael
          Exhausted Maenides (mk23) -- Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
          Exhausted radish skin s mother -- Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin
          exhibition of a rhinoceros at venice -- Pietro Longhi
          Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice -- Pietro Longhi
          Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice (nn03) -- Pietro Longhi
          Exhumation of St Hubert -- WEYDEN, Rogier van der
          Exhuming the First American Mastodon -- Charles Willson Peale
          Exhuming the First American Mastodon. -- Charles Willson Peale
          Exiles -- Karel Myslbek
          Exit from a Quarry -- Albrecht Durer
          Exner Et brudepars hjemkomst fra kirken -- Julius Exner
          Exorcism of the Demons at Arezzo -- GIOTTO di Bondone
          Exotic Dancers -- Gaston Saintpierre
          Exotic Landscape -- Henri Rousseau
          Exotic Landscape -- Henri Rousseau
          Expanse(View near La Queue-en-Yvelines) -- antoine chintreuil
          Expectation -- Madeleine Lemaire
          Expectation -- Raja Ravi Varma
          Expectation,Pattern for the Stoclet Frieze (mk20) -- Gustav Klimt
          Expectations -- Alma Tadema
          Expedition Disembark wide Harbour Hope -- unknow artist
          Experiment iwth an Airpump -- Joseph wright of derby
          experiment with a bird in an air pump -- Joseph Wright

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