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          det svenska skedet -- unknow artist
          det svenska skedet -- unknow artist
          det var med den baten som prellano och hans 50 foljeslagare gjorde sin fard till amazonflodens mynning -- unknow artist
          det var med en kamelkaravan som den ovan ur en medeltida persisk bok som anthony fenkinson 1558 forsokte att ta sig fram till det legendomspunna catha -- william r clark
          Detail -- Cosimo Tura
          detail Landscape with Saint Matthew and the Angel (mk10) -- Nicolas Poussin
          Detail of Portrait of Miss Lu -- Edgar Degas
          detail View of Dresden in the Moonlight (mk10) -- Johan Christian Dahl
          detail chasseur of the Imperial guard,charging (mk10 -- Theodore Gericault
          Detail de Paysage de Te Vaa -- Paul Gauguin
          detail depicting Saint Clare of Assisi from a fresco in the Lower basilica of San Francesco -- Simone Martini
          Detail from -- Candido Lopez
          Detail from a sixteenth-century Flemish Tapestry showing how the handgun achieved a mastery over armoured cavalry in the battle of Pavia -- unknow artist
          Detail from Ariadne (Mk41) -- John William Waterhouse
          Detail from Christ Carring the Cross -- Pieter Bruegel
          Detail from Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter -- Pietro Perugino
          Detail from illustrated letter -- unknow artist
          Detail from La Parade showing pointillism -- Georges Seurat
          Detail from Maesta -- Duccio di Buoninsegna
          Detail from Monet-s Garden in Argenteuil -- Claude Monet
          Detail from on the Beach -- Winslow Homer
          Detail from Oregon City on the Willamette River -- John Mix Stanley
          Detail from Oregon City on the Willamette River -- John Mix Stanley
          Detail from Oregon City on the Willamette River -- John Mix Stanley
          Detail from Saint Francis Restoring a Child to Life -- Domenico Ghirlandaio
          Detail from Saint john the Baptist -- Hans Memling
          Detail from Saint Luke as a Painter before Christ on the Cross. Widely believed to be a self-portrait -- Francisco de Zurbaran
          Detail from Summer -- unknow artist
          Detail from the Adoraton of the Magi -- Sandro Botticelli
          Detail from The Appearance of the Antichrist -- Luca Signorelli
          Detail from the Bradford Table Carpet -- unknow artist
          Detail from The Dream -- Henri Rousseau
          Detail from The Feast in the House of Levi -- Paolo Veronese
          Detail from The Marriage at Cana -- Paolo Veronese
          Detail from The Procession of the Magi -- Benozzo Gozzoli
          Detail from The Raft of the Medusa -- Theodore Gericault
          Detail from the Saint Nicholas Altarpiece -- Raphael
          Detail from the Virtgo ivter Virgines -- Gerard David
          Detail from the Water Lily Pond -- Claude Monet
          detail from War -- Henri Rousseau
          Detail from Water Lilies -- Claude Monet
          detail Fruit and Vegetable Stall (mk14) -- Frans Snyders
          Detail of -- Hans holbein the younger
          Detail of Ansicht von Unterseen mit Blick auf die Jungfrau -- Gabriel Lory fils
          Detail of Baptism of Christ -- Piero della Francesca
          Detail of Betrothal of the Arnolfinis -- Jan Van Eyck

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