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          Adoration of the Shepherds zg -- MURILLO, Bartolome Esteban
          Adoration of the Shepherds. -- Giovanni Agostino da Lodi
          Adoration of the Shepherds. -- Hugo van der Goes
          Adoration of the ShepherdsAdoration of the Shepherds -- Greco El
          Adoration of the Trinity -- Albrecht Durer
          Adoration of the Virgin -- MAULBERTSCH, Franz Anton
          Adoration of the Virgin (mk08) -- MAULBERTSCH, Franz Anton
          Adriaan Valckenier -- Jacobus Theodorus Abels
          Adriaantje Hollaer wife of the painter Hendrick Martensz Sorgh -- REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn
          Adriadne Abandoned on the Island of Naxos -- John Vanderlyn
          Adriadne on the Island of Naxos -- George Frederick
          Adrian Baucker Holmes Children -- Jarvis John Wesley
          Adrian Baucker Holmes Children -- John Wesley Jarvis
          Adrian Baucker Holmes Children -- unknow artist
          Adrianus Jacobus Zuyderland -- Vincent Van Gogh
          adrien godefroy -- Anthony Van Dyck
          Adrien Lavieille -- Adrien Lavieille
          Advance among isbergen in Dodge straits -- unknow artist
          Advances -- Thomas Eakins
          Advantageous Position -- Alma Tadema
          Advent and Triumph of Christ -- Hans Memling
          Advent and Triumph of Christ -- Hans Memling
          Advent and Triumph of Christ -- Hans Memling
          Advertisement for Atwater Kent Radio -- Nancy Fay
          Advice to a Young Artist -- Honore Daumier
          Advices of the teacher at the hofdames detail 10e-eeuwse copy, probably to Gu Kaizhi. Horzontale Rolschilde-ring, ink and paint on side -- unknow artist
          Advocat Taylor with a View of Damascus -- Hicks, Thomas
          Advocates arrested -- Ilia Efimovich Repin
          Aegopodium podagraria -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
          Aegopodium, Pargolovo -- Ivan Shishkin
          Aelbert Cupy (mk08) -- CUYP, Aelbert
          Aeneas and Achates on the Libyan Coast df -- DOSSI, Dosso
          aeneas and anchises -- Raphael
          aeneas and the sibyl, lake avernus -- J.M.W.Turner
          Aeneas beim Festmahl der Dido -- Gerard de Lairesse
          Aeneas Carrying Anchises sg -- LOO, Carle van
          Aeneas Fleeing from Troy -- Pompeo Batoni
          Aeneas Introducing Cupid Dressed as Ascanius to Dido -- TIEPOLO, Giovanni Domenico
          aeneas med sibyllan och charon -- Giuseppe Maria Crespi
          Aeneas Piccolomini Arrives to Ancona -- Pinturicchio
          Aeneas Piccolomini Crowned as Pope -- Pinturicchio
          Aeneas Piccolomini Introduces Eleonora of Portugal to Frederick III -- Pinturicchio
          Aeneas Piccolomini Leaves for the Council of Basle -- Pinturicchio
          Aeneas tells Dido the misfortunes of the Trojan city -- Baron Pierre Narcisse Guerin
          Aeneas tells Dido the misfortunes of the Trojan city -- Baron Pierre-Narcisse Guerin
          Aeneas with the Sybil and Charon -- Giuseppe Maria Crespi

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