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        MASTER of the Catholic Kings
        MASTER of the Duke of Bedford
        master of the Holy Kindred
        Master of the Housebook
        Master of the Joseph Legend
        Master of the Legend
        Master of the Legend of St. Lucy
        Master of the Life of Saint John the Baptist
        MASTER of the Life of the Virgin
        Master of the Manna
        Master of the observanza Triptych
        Master Of The Parrot
        MASTER of the Pfullendorf Altar
        MASTER of the Polling Panels
        Master of the Prelate Mur
        Master of the Saint Lucy Legend
        Master of the Saint Ursula Legend
        Master of the Schotten Altarpiece
        MASTER of the St. Bartholomew Altar
        Master of the Vienna Lamentation
        Master of the View of Sainte Gudule
        Master of the View of st Gudule
        Master of Virgo inter Virgines
        Master Theodoric
        MASTER THOMAS de Coloswar
        Mateo cerezo
        Matevz Langus
        Mather Brown
        Mathey, Paul
        Mathieu le Nain
        Matilda Browne
        Matteo Di Giovanni
        Matteo Di Pacino
        Matteo Rosselli
        Mattew Ridley Corbet,ARA
        Matthaus Gunther
        Mattheus Ignatius van Bree
        Mattheus Terwesten
        Mattheus Verheyden
        Matthew Pratt
        Matthew Ridley Corbet,ARA
        Matthias Grunewald
        Matthias Grunewald
        Matthias Stomer
        Matthias van Helmont
        Matthias Withoos
        Matthieu, Georg David
        Matthijs Maris
        Matthys Naiveu
        Mattia Preti

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