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Style: portrait

Artist: Giovanni Boldini
 Giovanni Boldini Henri Rochefort oil painting picture wholesale

Henri Rochefort
Painting ID::  11819
ca 1882 2' x 1' 7 3/4''(61 x 50 cm)

Artist: Walter Crane
 Walter Crane Mrs.Walter Crane oil painting picture wholesale

Mrs.Walter Crane
Painting ID::  11829
1882 2' 7'' x 1' 10''(79 x 56 cm)

Artist: Philip Wilson Steer
 Philip Wilson Steer Young Woman on the Beach oil painting picture wholesale

Young Woman on the Beach
Painting ID::  11831
ca 1886 4' 1 1/2'' x 3'(125.5 x 91.5 cm)Gift of Paul Rosenberg,1927

Artist: Sir John Lavery
 Sir John Lavery Father and Daughter oil painting picture wholesale

Father and Daughter
Painting ID::  11844
(Salon of 1900) 6' 10 1/4'' x 4' 1 1/2''(209 x 126 cm)

Artist: Ignacio Zuloaga
 Ignacio Zuloaga The Anchorite oil painting picture wholesale

The Anchorite
Painting ID::  11859
1907 6' 2'' x 3' 9 1/4''(188 x 115 cm)Bequest of Paul Cosson,1926

Artist: Ignacio Zuloaga
 Ignacio Zuloaga The Dwarf Dona Mercedes oil painting picture wholesale

The Dwarf Dona Mercedes
Painting ID::  11861
1899 4' 3 1/4'' x 3' 2 1/2''(130 x 97.5 cm)

Artist: Raimundo de Madrazo Y Garreta
 Raimundo de Madrazo Y Garreta Marquise d' Hervey Saint-Denys oil painting picture wholesale

Marquise d' Hervey Saint-Denys
Painting ID::  11863
1888 4' 4 3/4'' x 2' 8 3/4''(134 x 83 cm)Bequest of Mrs.d'Adelsward-Pourtales,1934

Artist: Valentin Serov
 Valentin Serov Mme Lwoff oil painting picture wholesale

Mme Lwoff
Painting ID::  11875
(1864-1955),1895 2' 11 1/2'' x 1' 11 1/4''(90 x 59 cm)Gift of Messrs.Andre and Stephane Lwoff

Artist: Henri Rousseau
 Henri Rousseau Portrait of a Woman oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of a Woman
Painting ID::  11883
ca 1897 6'6'' x 3' 9''(198 x 114 cm)

Artist: Albert Marquet
 Albert Marquet Andre Rouveyre oil painting picture wholesale

Andre Rouveyre
Painting ID::  11887
1904 3' x 2' (92 x 61 cm)

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