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Style: portrait

Artist: Felix Vallotton
 Felix Vallotton Alfred Athis oil painting picture wholesale

Alfred Athis
Painting ID::  11743
1906 Pseudonym of Alfred Natanson 2' 8'' x 2' 1 1/2''(81.5 x 65 cm)Gift of George Moos,1951

Artist: Aristide Maillol
 Aristide Maillol Woman with Parasol oil painting picture wholesale

Woman with Parasol
Painting ID::  11756
6' 2 3/4'' x 4' 10 3/4''(190 x 149 cm)

Artist: Anders Zorn
 Anders Zorn Alfred Beurdeley oil painting picture wholesale

Alfred Beurdeley
Painting ID::  11791
(1847-1919),1906 5' 5'' x 2'' 11 1/4''(165 x 89.7 cm)Bequest of Marcel Beurdeley,1979

Artist: Thomas Eakins
 Thomas Eakins Clara(Clara J.Mather) oil painting picture wholesale

Clara(Clara J.Mather)
Painting ID::  11795
ca 1900 2' x 1' 8''(61 x 51 cm)Gift of Mrs.Eakins,1930

Artist: Thomas Dewing
 Thomas Dewing The Musician oil painting picture wholesale

The Musician
Painting ID::  11796
2' x 1' 6''(61.5 x 46 cm)Gift of John Gellatly,1921

Artist: William Merritt Chase
 William Merritt Chase Girl in White oil painting picture wholesale

Girl in White
Painting ID::  11797
4' 6 1/4'' x 3'(137.5 x 92 cm)Gift of Roland Knoedler,1921

Artist: Cecilia Beaux
 Cecilia Beaux Sita and Sarita(Girl with a Cat) oil painting picture wholesale

Sita and Sarita(Girl with a Cat)
Painting ID::  11798
Salon de la Societe nationale des Beaux-Arts,1896 3' 1'' x 2' 1''(94 x 63.5 cm)Gift of the artist,1921

Artist: Henri Evenepoel
 Henri Evenepoel Charles Milcendeau oil painting picture wholesale

Charles Milcendeau
Painting ID::  11806
1899 3' 11 3/4'' x 2' 4 3/4''(120 x 73 cm)Gift of Charles Milcendeau,1901

Artist: Louise Breslau
 Louise Breslau Henry Davison,English Poet oil painting picture wholesale

Henry Davison,English Poet
Painting ID::  11814
1880 2' 10'' x 1' 5 3/4''(86.5 x 45.2 cm)Gift of Miss Zillhardt,1929

Artist: Giovanni Boldini
 Giovanni Boldini Count Robert de Montesquion oil painting picture wholesale

Count Robert de Montesquion
Painting ID::  11818
1897(Salon of 1897) 5' 5 1/4'' x 2' 8 1/2''(166 x 82.5 cm)Gift of Henri Pinard,1922

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