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Style: portrait

Artist: Pierre-Paul Prud hon
 Pierre-Paul Prud hon The Empress Josephine (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

The Empress Josephine (mk05)
Painting ID::  20905
1805 Canvas 96 x 70 x 1/2''(244 x 179 cm)Collection of Napoleon III;assigned to the Louvre by Judicial decision,1879 R.F 270 (S/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Orphan Girl at the Cemetery (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Orphan Girl at the Cemetery (mk05)
Painting ID::  20908
Canvas 26 x 21 1/4''(66 x 54 cm)Salon of 1824;given in 1906 INV 1652(G/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Frederic Chopin (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Frederic Chopin (mk05)
Painting ID::  20911
Canvas 18 x 15''(46 x 38 cm)Fragment of a double portrait with George Sand;the other part of the Picture is in the Ordrupgaard,Copenhagen;bequeathed in 1907 R.F 1717(G/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Portrait of the Artist (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of the Artist (mk05)
Painting ID::  20916
Canvas 25 1/2 x 21 1/2''(65 x 55 cm)Bequeathed by Delacroix to Jenny Le Guillou,his housekeeper,on the condition of giving it to the Louvre after the return to power of the Orleans family;sent to the Louvre by the painter Andrieu in 1872 R.F 25 (G/AR)

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David Alphonse leroy (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

Alphonse leroy (mk02)
Painting ID::  20928
Oil on canvas, 28 3/8x35 7/8" Paris, 1783 Musee Fabre,Montpellier, France

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David self-Portrait (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

self-Portrait (mk02)
Painting ID::  20936
Oil on canvas. 31 7/8x25 1/4" Paris 1794 Musee du Louvre Paris

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David Monsieur seriziat (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

Monsieur seriziat (mk02)
Painting ID::  20938
Oil on canvas, 51 5/8x37 7/8" Saint-Ouen.1795 Musee du Louvre,Paris

Artist: Octave Tassaert
 Octave Tassaert The Artist's Studio (mk05 oil painting picture wholesale

The Artist's Studio (mk05
Painting ID::  20939
1845 Canvas 18 x 15''(46 x 38 cmSalon of 1849;given in 1923;entered the Louvre in 1926 R.F2442 (MN)

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David Madame recamier (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

Madame recamier (mk02)
Painting ID::  20941
Oil on canvas, 68 1/2x96 1/8" Paris,1800 Musee du Louvre,Paris

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David General gerard (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

General gerard (mk02)
Painting ID::  20943
Oil on canvas,77 5/8x53 8/5" Brussels,1816 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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