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Style: portrait

Artist: Cosimo Tura
 Cosimo Tura Anthony of Padua Reading (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Anthony of Padua Reading (mk05)
Painting ID::  20066
Wood 28 x 12 1/4''(71 x 31 cm)Campana Collection,Rome;entered the Louvre in 1863

Artist: Bartolomeo Vivarini
 Bartolomeo Vivarini John of Capistrano (Mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

John of Capistrano (Mk05)
Painting ID::  20067
Wood 78 x 39''(198 x 99 cm)Campana Collection Rome;entered the Louvre in 1863

Artist: Ercole de Roberti
 Ercole de Roberti ercMichael (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

ercMichael (mk05)
Painting ID::  20068
Wood 10 1/2 x 4 1/4''(27 x 11 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1899

Artist: Ercole de Roberti
 Ercole de Roberti Apollonia (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Apollonia (mk05)
Painting ID::  20069
Wood 10 1/2 x 4 1/4\'\'(27 x 11 cmEntered the Louvre in 1899

Artist: Giovanni Bellini
 Giovanni Bellini Christ Blessing (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Christ Blessing (mk05)
Painting ID::  20073
ca 1460 Wood 23 x 18''(58 x 46 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1912

Artist: Antonello da Messina
 Antonello da Messina Portrait of a Man (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of a Man (mk05)
Painting ID::  20075
1475 Wood 14 1/4 x 12''(36 x 30 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1865

Artist: Giovanni Bellini
 Giovanni Bellini Portrait of a Man (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of a Man (mk05)
Painting ID::  20076
Wood 13 x 10 1/4''(33 x 26 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1902

Artist: Andrea Mantegna
 Andrea Mantegna Sebastian oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  20079
ca 1480 canvas,100 1/2 x 55''(255 x 140 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1910

Artist: Bartolomeo Montagna
 Bartolomeo Montagna Ecce Homo (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Ecce Homo (mk05)
Painting ID::  20080
Wood 21 1/2 x 17''(55 x 43 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1863

Artist: Carlo Crivelli
 Carlo Crivelli James of the Marche with Two Kneeling Donors (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

James of the Marche with Two Kneeling Donors (mk05)
Painting ID::  20083
Wood 78 x 25 1/2''(198 x 65 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1862

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