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Style: people

Artist: Lord Frederic Leighton
 Lord Frederic Leighton The Muisc Lesson oil painting picture wholesale

The Muisc Lesson
Painting ID::  30832
mk68 Oil on canvas London 1877

Artist: Mary Cassatt
 Mary Cassatt A Woman and a Girl Driving oil painting picture wholesale

A Woman and a Girl Driving
Painting ID::  30836
mk68 Oil on canvas Philadelphia Philadelphia Museum of Art 1879 France

Artist: Gioacchino Toma
 Gioacchino Toma Rain of Ash from Vesuvius oil painting picture wholesale

Rain of Ash from Vesuvius
Painting ID::  30837
mk68 Oil on canvas Florence, Modern Art Gallery 1880 Italy

Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov
 Viktor Vasnetsov The Paladin oil painting picture wholesale

The Paladin
Painting ID::  30839
mk68 Oil on canvas Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum 1882 Russia

Artist: Jan Stobbaerts
 Jan Stobbaerts The Pancakes oil painting picture wholesale

The Pancakes
Painting ID::  30860
mk68 Oil on canvas Tournai,Museum of Fine Arts c.1890 Belgium

Artist: Mary Cassatt
 Mary Cassatt The Bath oil painting picture wholesale

The Bath
Painting ID::  30864
mk68 Oil on canvas Chicago,Art Institute of Chicago 1892 France

Artist: Fernand cormon
 Fernand cormon An Iron Forge oil painting picture wholesale

An Iron Forge
Painting ID::  30870
mk68 Oil on canvas Paris,Orsay Museum 1893 France

Artist: Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida
 Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida Eating on the Boat oil painting picture wholesale

Eating on the Boat
Painting ID::  30872
mk68 Oil on canvas Madred,San Fernando Royal Museum of Fine Arts c.1895 Spain

Artist: Maurice Denis
 Maurice Denis The Swan Princess oil painting picture wholesale

The Swan Princess
Painting ID::  30885
mk68 Oil on canvas Moscow Tretyakov State Gallery 1900 Russia

Artist: John sloan
 John sloan Picuture-Shop Window oil painting picture wholesale

Picuture-Shop Window
Painting ID::  30894
mk68 Oil on canvas Newark,Neward Museum 1907 USA

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