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Style: people

Artist: Titian
 Titian Pieta oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  30522
mk68 Oil on canva 11'6 1/2"x11" 5" Venice,Accademai Gallery 1576 Italy

Artist: Lavinia Fontana
 Lavinia Fontana Self-Portrait oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  30523
mk68 Oil on wood 10 3/4x9 3/4"

Artist: Annibale Carracci
 Annibale Carracci The Bean Eater oil painting picture wholesale

The Bean Eater
Painting ID::  30526
mk68 Oil on canvas 22 1/2x16 3/4" Rome,Colonna Gallery 1583-1584 Italy

Artist: El Greco
 El Greco The Burial of Count of Orgaz oil painting picture wholesale

The Burial of Count of Orgaz
Painting ID::  30527
mk68 Oil on canvas 13'2"x10' Toledo Church of San Tome 1586-1588 Spain

Artist: Jacopo Tintoretto
 Jacopo Tintoretto Last Supper oil painting picture wholesale

Last Supper
Painting ID::  30530
mk68 Oil on canvas 12'x8'7" Venice Church of San Giorgio Maggiore 1592-1594 Italy

Artist: Federico Barocci
 Federico Barocci Nativity oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  30532
mk68 Oil on canvas 4'4 1/2x3' 5 1/4" Madrid.Prado 1597 Italy

Artist: Caravaggio
 Caravaggio Conversion of Saint Paul oil painting picture wholesale

Conversion of Saint Paul
Painting ID::  30537
mk67 Oil on canvas 7'6"x5'9" Rome,Church of Santa 1600-1601 Italy

Artist: El Greco
 El Greco Agony in the Garden oil painting picture wholesale

Agony in the Garden
Painting ID::  30539
mk68 Oil on canvas 5'7"x3'8 1/4" Cuenca Diocesan Museum c.1600-1605 Spain

Artist: Caravaggio
 Caravaggio Entombment of Christ oil painting picture wholesale

Entombment of Christ
Painting ID::  30543
mk68 Oil on canvas 9'10"x6'7" Vatican 1602-1603 Italy

Artist: Artemisia gentileschi
 Artemisia gentileschi Judith Beheading Holofernes oil painting picture wholesale

Judith Beheading Holofernes
Painting ID::  30545
mk68 oil on canvas Naples Capodimonte Museum 1611-1612 Italy

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