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Style: people

Artist: LE BRUN, Charles
 LE BRUN, Charles Jephthah's Sacrifice oil painting picture wholesale

Jephthah's Sacrifice
Painting ID::  30042
mk67 Oil on canvas 52in Uffizi,Gallery

Artist: POUSSIN, Nicolas
 POUSSIN, Nicolas Theseus Finding His Father's Arms oil painting picture wholesale

Theseus Finding His Father's Arms
Painting ID::  30043
mk67 Oil on canvas 38 9/16x50 13/16in Uffizi,

Artist: COURTOIS, Jacques
 COURTOIS, Jacques The Battle of Lutzen oil painting picture wholesale

The Battle of Lutzen
Painting ID::  30044
mk67 Oil on panel 55 1/8x108 1/4in Pitti,

Artist: Parrocel, Joseph
 Parrocel, Joseph Cavalry Battle oil painting picture wholesale

Cavalry Battle
Painting ID::  30046
mk67 Oil on canvas 19 11/16x26 3/8in Uffiz,Gallery

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Women of Algiers oil painting picture wholesale

Women of Algiers
Painting ID::  30072
mk64 1834 Oil on canvas 180x229cm Paris,Musee du Louvre

Artist: Pierre Renoir
 Pierre Renoir The Parisian Woman oil painting picture wholesale

The Parisian Woman
Painting ID::  30079
mk64 1874 Oil on canvas 160x106cm

Artist: Pierre Renoir
 Pierre Renoir Charles and Georges Durand-Ruel oil painting picture wholesale

Charles and Georges Durand-Ruel
Painting ID::  30117
mk64 1882 Oil on canvas 65x81cm Paris

Artist: Pierre Renoir
 Pierre Renoir Dance in the City oil painting picture wholesale

Dance in the City
Painting ID::  30128
mk64 1883 Oil on cnvas 180x90cm Pairs,Musee d'Orsay

Artist: Pierre Renoir
 Pierre Renoir The Harsh and The Pearly oil painting picture wholesale

The Harsh and The Pearly
Painting ID::  30131
mk64 1883-1897

Artist: Pierre Renoir
 Pierre Renoir Young Girls Reading oil painting picture wholesale

Young Girls Reading
Painting ID::  30132
mk64 c.1889 Oil on canvas 64x54cm

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