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Style: people

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher Rinaldo and Armida oil painting picture wholesale

Rinaldo and Armida
Painting ID::  26639
mk53 1734 Oil on canvas 135x170cm Paris,Musee du Louvre

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher The Leopard Hunt oil painting picture wholesale

The Leopard Hunt
Painting ID::  26640
mk53 1736 Oil on canvas 174x129cm Amiens,Museum de Picardie

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher The Charlatan and the Peep-Show oil painting picture wholesale

The Charlatan and the Peep-Show
Painting ID::  26641
mk53 first weaving 1736 wool and silk Beauvais tapestry 324x417cm from the series Fetes Italiennes,New York,The Metropolitan Museum of Art,,

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher The Beautiful Kitchen-Maid oil painting picture wholesale

The Beautiful Kitchen-Maid
Painting ID::  26642
mk53 c.1733-4 Oil on panel 5.5x43.2cm Paris,Musee Cogacq-jay

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher Young Artist in his Studion oil painting picture wholesale

Young Artist in his Studion
Painting ID::  26643
mk53 c.1732-5 oil on canvas 27x22cm Paris,Musee du Louvre

Artist: Jean Francois de troy
 Jean Francois de troy A Reading from Moliere oil painting picture wholesale

A Reading from Moliere
Painting ID::  26645
mk53 1731 Oil on canvas 72.4x90.8cm

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher Lady Fastening her Garter oil painting picture wholesale

Lady Fastening her Garter
Painting ID::  26647
mk53 1742 Oil on canvas 52.5x66.5cm

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher The Chinese Garden oil painting picture wholesale

The Chinese Garden
Painting ID::  26650
mk53 1742 sketch oil on canvas 40.5x48cm Beasancon,Musee des Beaux-Arts

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher Shepherd Piping to a Shepherdess oil painting picture wholesale

Shepherd Piping to a Shepherdess
Painting ID::  26659
mk53 1745 oil on canvas 94x142cm

Artist: Francois Boucher
 Francois Boucher Apollo in his Chariot oil painting picture wholesale

Apollo in his Chariot
Painting ID::  26664
mk53 1753 oil on canvas 130x250cm Fontainebleau,Council Chamber

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