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Style: people

Artist: Frederick Walker,ARA,RWS
 Frederick Walker,ARA,RWS An Amateur (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

An Amateur (mk46)
Painting ID::  26022
1807-1. Watercolour and bodycolour 17.7x25.3cm London,British Museum

Artist: George John Pinwell,RWS
 George John Pinwell,RWS In a Garden at Cookham (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

In a Garden at Cookham (mk46)
Painting ID::  26024
Watercolour and bodycolur 19x14.3cm

Artist: George John Pinwell,RWS
 George John Pinwell,RWS Gilbert a Becket's Troth (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

Gilbert a Becket's Troth (mk46)
Painting ID::  26025
1872 Watercolour and bodycolour 55.9x109.2cm

Artist: Frederick Walker,ARA,RWS
 Frederick Walker,ARA,RWS A Fishmonger's shop (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

A Fishmonger's shop (mk46)
Painting ID::  26026
Watercolour and bodycolour 35.6x57.2cm Port Sunlight,Lady Lever Art Gallery

Artist: Charles Green,RI
 Charles Green,RI Something Wrong Somewhere (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

Something Wrong Somewhere (mk46)
Painting ID::  26030
1868 Watercolour and bodycolour 49.5x36.8cm London,Victoria and Albert Museum

Artist: Helel Allingham,RWS
 Helel Allingham,RWS Young Customers (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

Young Customers (mk46)
Painting ID::  26031
1875 Watercolour 20.6x15.6cm

Artist: Sir Hubert von Herkomer,RA,RWS
 Sir Hubert von Herkomer,RA,RWS The Naughty Boy (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

The Naughty Boy (mk46)
Painting ID::  26032
1888 Watercolour and bodycolour 17x24.6cm Watford Borough Council Museum

Artist: Evelyn De Morgan
 Evelyn De Morgan Deianira (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

Deianira (mk46)
Painting ID::  26038
1855-1919 C.1878 Watercolour and bodycolour 45.7x30.5cm

Artist: John Liston Byam Shaw
 John Liston Byam Shaw The Queen of Spades (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

The Queen of Spades (mk46)
Painting ID::  26041
1898 Watercolour and bodycolour 178x90cm

Artist: Sir George Clausen,RA
 Sir George Clausen,RA Fisher Girls on the Beach (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

Fisher Girls on the Beach (mk46)
Painting ID::  26046
1880 Watercolour 41.3x26cm Bedford,The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

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