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Style: people

Artist: Augustus e.mulready
 Augustus e.mulready Much Ado about Nothing (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Much Ado about Nothing (mk37)
Painting ID::  25419
oil on board 12 1/4x9 1/4in

Artist: Jerry Barrett
 Jerry Barrett Too Close for Comfort (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Too Close for Comfort (mk37)
Painting ID::  25421
Oil on canvas 18 3/4x14 3/4in

Artist: George goodwin kilburne
 George goodwin kilburne Collecting the Post (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Collecting the Post (mk37)
Painting ID::  25423
oil on canvas 23 1/8x30 1/4in

Artist: Charles james lewis
 Charles james lewis Gathering Summer Flowers (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Gathering Summer Flowers (mk37)
Painting ID::  25424
Oil on board 14x10in

Artist: Percy tarrant
 Percy tarrant She gave a Sort of Shout and ran towards  us (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

She gave a Sort of Shout and ran towards us (mk37)
Painting ID::  25425
oil on board 7 3/4x5 in

Artist: Henry nelson o neil,A.R.A.
 Henry nelson o neil,A.R.A. The Soldier s Return (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

The Soldier s Return (mk37)
Painting ID::  25427
oil on board laid down on panel 20x16in

Artist: Frederick bacon barwell
 Frederick bacon barwell The Hero of the Day (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

The Hero of the Day (mk37)
Painting ID::  25428
Oil on canvas 36x48in

Artist: Joseph clark
 Joseph clark The New Spring Bonnett (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

The New Spring Bonnett (mk37)
Painting ID::  25431
oil on canvas 22 3/4x18 1/4in

Artist: Simone Martini
 Simone Martini Madonna with Child (mk39) oil painting picture wholesale

Madonna with Child (mk39)
Painting ID::  25473
1321 34 1/4x20in Pinacoteca Nazionale,Siena.

Artist: Ambrogio Lorenzetti
 Ambrogio Lorenzetti The Virtues of Good Government (mk39) oil painting picture wholesale

The Virtues of Good Government (mk39)
Painting ID::  25474
1337-39 Fresco,Palazzo Publico,Siena.

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