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Style: people

Artist: Ernest Laurent
 Ernest Laurent Paul Jamot oil painting picture wholesale

Paul Jamot
Painting ID::  11521
1907 4' 6 3/4'' x 3' 11 1/2''(139 x 120.5 cm)Gift of Paul Jamot,1931

Artist: Albert Besnard
 Albert Besnard A Family oil painting picture wholesale

A Family
Painting ID::  11525
the artist's Family,1890(Salon of 1890) 4' 4'' x 3' 11 1/2''(132 x 120.5 cm)

Artist: Paul Mathey
 Paul Mathey Woman and Child in an Interior oil painting picture wholesale

Woman and Child in an Interior
Painting ID::  11526
son Jacques,born 1883,at right 1'7'' x 1' 3''(48.5 x 38 cm)Gift of Miss Dubreil,1981

Artist: Claude Monet
 Claude Monet The Bark at Giverny oil painting picture wholesale

The Bark at Giverny
Painting ID::  11541
ca 1887 3' 2 1/2'' x 4' 3 1/2''(98 x 131 cm)Bequest of Princess Edmond de Polignac,1944

Artist: Charles Angrand
 Charles Angrand Couple in the Street oil painting picture wholesale

Couple in the Street
Painting ID::  11588
1887 1' 3 1/4'' x 1' 1''(38.5 x 33 cm)

Artist: Georges Lemmen
 Georges Lemmen Portrait of mme.lemmen oil painting picture wholesale

Portrait of mme.lemmen
Painting ID::  11593
1893 1' 6 1/4'' x 1' 3 1/2''(60 x 51 cm)

Artist: Maximilien Luce
 Maximilien Luce The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame oil painting picture wholesale

The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame
Painting ID::  11597
1901 2' 4 3/4'' x 1' 11 1/2''(73 x 60 cm)Gift of Christian Humann,1981

Artist: Maximilien Luce
 Maximilien Luce The Pile Drivers oil painting picture wholesale

The Pile Drivers
Painting ID::  11598
Quai de la Seine at Billancourt 1902-1903(Salon des Independants,1903) 5' x 6' 4 3/4''(153 x 195 cm)Gift of Frederic Luce,1948

Artist: Paul Gauguin
 Paul Gauguin Arearea(Joyousness) oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  11640
1892 2' 5 1/2'' x 3' 1''(75 x 94 cm)Bequest of Mr.and Frederic Lung,1961

Artist: Paul Gauguin
 Paul Gauguin Tahitian Women(on the Beach) oil painting picture wholesale

Tahitian Women(on the Beach)
Painting ID::  11641
1891 2' 3 1/4'' x 3'(69 x 91.5 cm)Bequest of Viscount Guy de Cholet,1923

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