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Style: people

Artist: Alexandre Antigna
 Alexandre Antigna The Lightning Bolt oil painting picture wholesale

The Lightning Bolt
Painting ID::  11037
Salon of 1848 7' 2 1/2'' x 5' 7 1/4''(220x170.5cm) RF 1986-75

Artist: Alexandre Antigna
 Alexandre Antigna Corpus Christi Day oil painting picture wholesale

Corpus Christi Day
Painting ID::  11039
1855(1855 Exposition Universelle) 4' 7'' x 6' 4 3/4''(140 x 195 cm) RF 1984-9

Artist: Octave Tassaert
 Octave Tassaert An Unhappy Family(or Suicide) oil painting picture wholesale

An Unhappy Family(or Suicide)
Painting ID::  11040
1849 (Salon of 1850) 3' 9 1/4'' x 2' 6''(115 x 76 cm) UNV 8114 bis

Artist: Isidore pils
 Isidore pils The Death of a Sister of Charity oil painting picture wholesale

The Death of a Sister of Charity
Painting ID::  11043
1850(Salon of 1850-1851) 7' 11'' x 10'(241 x 305cm) Salon title is longer.Deposit from the Louvre. RF 1986-82

Artist: Hugues Merle
 Hugues Merle A Beggar Woman oil painting picture wholesale

A Beggar Woman
Painting ID::  11045
1861(Salon of 1861) 3' 7 1/4'' x 2' 8''(110x 81cm) RF 554

Artist: jean-charles cazin
 jean-charles cazin Day is Done oil painting picture wholesale

Day is Done
Painting ID::  11050
1888(Salon of 1888) 6' 6 1/4'' x 5' 5 1/4''(199x166cm) RF 1984-114

Artist: Jules Breton
 Jules Breton The Recall of the Gleaners oil painting picture wholesale

The Recall of the Gleaners
Painting ID::  11053
1859(Salon of 1859) 2' 11 1/2'' x 5' 9 1/4''(90x176cm) MI 289

Artist: Leon Lhermitte
 Leon Lhermitte Harvesters's Country oil painting picture wholesale

Harvesters's Country
Painting ID::  11047
1882(Salon of 1882) 7' 3/4'' x 8' 11''(215 x 272 cm) RF 333

Artist: Jules Bastien-lepage
 Jules Bastien-lepage Hay-making oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  11048
1877(Salon of 1878) 5' 10 3/4'' x 6' 4 3/4'' (180 x 195cm) RF 2748

Artist: Marie-francois-firmin girard,called firmin-girard
 Marie-francois-firmin girard,called firmin-girard The Convalescents oil painting picture wholesale

The Convalescents
Painting ID::  11054
1861(Salon of 1861) 4' 1 1/4'' x 6' 1 1/4''(125 x 186cm)

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