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Style: people

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix The Death of Ophelia (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

The Death of Ophelia (mk05)
Painting ID::  20912
Canvas 9 x 12 1/4''(23 x 31 cm)Scene from Shakespeare,Hamlet,Act IV Bequeathed in 1902 R.F 1393(G/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Odalisque (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Odalisque (mk05)
Painting ID::  20913
Canvas 10 1/4 x 13''(26 x 33 cm)Bequeathed in 1906 R.F 1657(G/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Rebecca Abducted by the Templar (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Rebecca Abducted by the Templar (mk05)
Painting ID::  20914
1858 Canvas 41 1/4 x 32 1/4''(105 x 82 cm)Scene from Walter Scott,Ivanhoe,Chapter XXIX.Salon of 1859;bequeathed in 1902.R.F 1392(G/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Algerian Women in Their Appartments (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Algerian Women in Their Appartments (mk05)
Painting ID::  20915
1834 Canvas 71 x 90 1/4''(180 x 229 cm)Acquired at the Salon of 1834 INV 3824(S/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Death of Sardanapalus (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Death of Sardanapalus (mk05)
Painting ID::  20917
Canvas 154 1/4 x 192 1/4''(392 x 496 cm)Salon of 1827-1828;acquired in 1921 R.F 2346(MN)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix The Shipwreck of Don Juan (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

The Shipwreck of Don Juan (mk05)
Painting ID::  20918
1840 Canvas 53 1/4 x 77 1/4''(135 x 196 cm)Scene from Byron,Don Juan,Canto II Salon of 1841;given in 1883 R.F 259 (G/AR)

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople on 12 April 1204 (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople on 12 April 1204 (mk05)
Painting ID::  20919
1840 Canvas 162 x 195 1/2''(''(411 x 497 cm)Commissioned by Louis-Philippe in 1838 for the historic Galleries at Versailles.Entered the Louvre in 1885 INV 3821 (G/AR))

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David Saint roch (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

Saint roch (mk02)
Painting ID::  20922
Oil on canvas, 8' 6 3/8"x6' 4 3/4" Rome, 1780 Musee des Beaux-Arts,Marseille

Artist: Eugene Delacroix
 Eugene Delacroix Pieta (mk05) oil painting picture wholesale

Pieta (mk05)
Painting ID::  20923
Canvas 12 x 17''(30 x 43 cm)Sketch fro the mural painting in the Church of Saint-Denis de Saint-Sacrement,Paris Commissioned in 1840 and completed in 1844;given in 1942 R.F 1943-6(MN)

Artist: Jacques-Louis David
 Jacques-Louis David Count Potocki (mk02) oil painting picture wholesale

Count Potocki (mk02)
Painting ID::  20925
Oil on canvas, 9' 11 5/8"x7' 1 7/8" Rome/paris,1780-81 Muzeum Narodowc,Warsaw

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