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Style: people

Artist: CAVAROZZI, Bartolomeo
 CAVAROZZI, Bartolomeo St Ursula and Her Companions with Pope Ciriacus and St Catherine of Alexandria g oil painting picture wholesale

St Ursula and Her Companions with Pope Ciriacus and St Catherine of Alexandria g
Painting ID::  5982
1608 Oil on canvas, 280 x 220 cm Basilica di San Marco, Rome

Artist: CEREZO, Mateo
 CEREZO, Mateo Assumption of Mary khj oil painting picture wholesale

Assumption of Mary khj
Painting ID::  5985
Oil on canvas, 237 x 169 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid

Artist: CEREZO, Mateo
 CEREZO, Mateo The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine klj oil painting picture wholesale

The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine klj
Painting ID::  5986
1660 Oil on canvas, 207 x 163 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid

Artist: CERUTI, Giacomo
 CERUTI, Giacomo Evening at the Piazza jj oil painting picture wholesale

Evening at the Piazza jj
Painting ID::  5989
c. 1730 Oil on canvas, 210 x 298 cm Museo Civico d'Arte Antica, Palazzo Madama, Turin

Artist: CERUTI, Giacomo
 CERUTI, Giacomo The Annunciation kljk oil painting picture wholesale

The Annunciation kljk
Painting ID::  5991
Apart from Vouet, Champaigne was the most important painter active in Paris in the middle years of the 17th century. He was born and trained in Brussels. He arrived in Paris in 1621. Throughout his career he made many official commissions, for monasteries, for the Church, and for Louis XIII. He collaborated with Nicolas Poussin in decorating the Luxembourg Palace, then worked for the queen mother, Marie de Medicis, for Louis XIII, and after 1635 primarily for the king's chief minister, Cardinal Armand Richelieu, for whom he decorated the Palais Royal, the dome of the Sorbonne, and other buildings. His art has not been studied in depth until recently, and has undergone radical reassessment: instead of being seen as an exponent of dry Classicism, he is now seen to epitomize the whole epoch. As a portraitist, his vivid depictions of Cardinal Richelieu show how he was able to seize on the essential characteristics of the autocrat, while his portraits of other, now unidentifiable contemporaries are much more sympathetic. In the first part of his career, as a painter of religious pictures, he executed a number of large altarpieces that shows his Flemish origin. This is especially true of such Rubens-inspired works as the Adoration of the Shepherds in the Wallace Collection, London. Later in life, Champaigne changed his art dramatically when he came under the influence of the Jansenist movement. His paralysed daughter was miraculously cured in the Jansenist nunnery of Port-Royal, and to mark the event Champaigne painted his celebrated but untypical Ex-Voto (Louvre, Paris). Champaigne's art was much more varied than is usually thought, and his achievement spans almost fifty years, from the mid-1620s to his death in 1674. He was one of the fourteen founder-members of the Academy in 1648.

Artist: CERUTI, Giacomo
 CERUTI, Giacomo Annunciation klj oil painting picture wholesale

Annunciation klj
Painting ID::  5992
c. 1644 Oil on canvas, 74,3 x 54,6 cm Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Artist: CERUTI, Giacomo
 CERUTI, Giacomo Ex Voto oil painting picture wholesale

Ex Voto
Painting ID::  5993
1662 Oil on canvas, 165 x 229 cm Mus??e du Louvre, Paris

Artist: Philippe de Champaigne
 Philippe de Champaigne The Marriage of the Virgin oil painting picture wholesale

The Marriage of the Virgin
Painting ID::  5997
c. 1644 Oil on panel, 71,5 x 143,5 cm Wallace Collection, London

Artist: CERUTI, Giacomo
 CERUTI, Giacomo The Supper at Emmaus khk oil painting picture wholesale

The Supper at Emmaus khk
Painting ID::  6006
Oil on canvas, 217 x 226 cm Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent

Artist: CHANGENET, Jean
 CHANGENET, Jean Three Prophets jh oil painting picture wholesale

Three Prophets jh
Painting ID::  6008
c. 1490 Wood Mus??e du Louvre, Paris

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