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Style: landscape

Artist: Herbert Coutts
 Herbert Coutts Herbert Coutts oil painting picture wholesale

Herbert Coutts
Painting ID::  26053
Watercolour 50.8x80cm

Artist: John William North,ARA,RWS
 John William North,ARA,RWS The Old Pear Tree (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

The Old Pear Tree (mk46)
Painting ID::  26054
1892 Watercolour 72.4x96.4cm Southampton Art Gallery

Artist: George Samuel Elgood,RI
 George Samuel Elgood,RI Roses and Pinks,Levens Hall,Westmorland (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

Roses and Pinks,Levens Hall,Westmorland (mk46)
Painting ID::  26055
1892 Watercolour 31.8x49.5cm

Artist: Ernest Arthur Rowe
 Ernest Arthur Rowe The Gardens at Campsea Ashe.Watercolur (mk46) oil painting picture wholesale

The Gardens at Campsea Ashe.Watercolur (mk46)
Painting ID::  26056

Artist: Francis Towne
 Francis Towne Ariccia (mk47) oil painting picture wholesale

Ariccia (mk47)
Painting ID::  26065
1781 1-man exhibiton,1805 Watercolour and pen and ink 325x470mm British Museum,London

Artist: Thomas Girtin
 Thomas Girtin Kirkstall Abbey,Yorkshire-Evening (mk47) oil painting picture wholesale

Kirkstall Abbey,Yorkshire-Evening (mk47)
Painting ID::  26066
c.1800 Watercolour 317x520mm Victoria & Albert Museum,London

Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner
 Joseph Mallord William Turner Lincoin from the Brayford (mk47) oil painting picture wholesale

Lincoin from the Brayford (mk47)
Painting ID::  26067
1803-04 Watercolour adn bodycolour 660x1020mm Usher Gallery,Lincoinshire County Council

Artist: John varley jnr
 John varley jnr Market Place ,Leominster (mk47) oil painting picture wholesale

Market Place ,Leominster (mk47)
Painting ID::  26068
RA 1802 Watercolour 283x400mm Hereford Museum and Art Gallery

Artist: John sell cotman
 John sell cotman Barmouth Ferry (mk47) oil painting picture wholesale

Barmouth Ferry (mk47)
Painting ID::  26069
RA1804 Watercolour 362x536mm By kind permission of the provost

Artist: John glover
 John glover Ullswater (mk47) oil painting picture wholesale

Ullswater (mk47)
Painting ID::  26070
SPWC 1806 Watercolour 553x774mm

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