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Style: landscape

Artist: Charles Rollo Peters
 Charles Rollo Peters San fer-Nando Mission (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

San fer-Nando Mission (mk43)
Painting ID::  25712
not dated,Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento,

Artist: Albert Pinkham Ryder
 Albert Pinkham Ryder Moon-light Marine (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

Moon-light Marine (mk43)
Painting ID::  25713
Probably 1870sor 1880s, The Metropolitan Museum of Art,New York

Artist: Thomas Cole
 Thomas Cole The Course of Empire:Desolation (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

The Course of Empire:Desolation (mk43)
Painting ID::  25717

Artist: julian alden weir
 julian alden weir The Bridge:Nocturn (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

The Bridge:Nocturn (mk43)
Painting ID::  25718
1910 Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden,Smithson-ian institution,Washington

Artist: Alfred Stieglitz
 Alfred Stieglitz Savoy Hotel (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

Savoy Hotel (mk43)
Painting ID::  25721
1897 National Gallery of Art,Washington

Artist: Childe Hassam
 Childe Hassam Afternoon Sky,Harney Desert (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

Afternoon Sky,Harney Desert (mk43)
Painting ID::  25738
1908 Portland Art Museum,oregon

Artist: Childe Hassam
 Childe Hassam Pete's Shanty (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

Pete's Shanty (mk43)
Painting ID::  25739
1908 Frederic Remington Art Museum,Ogdensburg,New York

Artist: Frederic Remington
 Frederic Remington Calling the Moose (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

Calling the Moose (mk43)
Painting ID::  25740
c.1900 Oil on canvas 68.6x101.6

Artist: Frederic Remington
 Frederic Remington Coming to the Call (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

Coming to the Call (mk43)
Painting ID::  25752
c.1905 Oil on canvas

Artist: Frederic Remington
 Frederic Remington The Old Story in a New Way (mk43) oil painting picture wholesale

The Old Story in a New Way (mk43)
Painting ID::  25756

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