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Style: landscape

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani
 Amedeo Modigliani Petite route de Toscane (mk38) oil painting picture wholesale

Petite route de Toscane (mk38)
Painting ID::  25329
v 1898 Huile sur carton 21 x 35.8 cm Museo Civico G.Fattori,Livourne

Artist: Frederick william watts
 Frederick william watts Cattle by a River (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Cattle by a River (mk37)
Painting ID::  25332
oil on canvas 13x18in

Artist: wright barker
 wright barker Upland Pastures (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Upland Pastures (mk37)
Painting ID::  25353
oil on canvas

Artist: Walter field
 Walter field Ulwell Mill,Swanage (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Ulwell Mill,Swanage (mk37)
Painting ID::  25358
Oil on canvas 30x60in

Artist: William Shayer
 William Shayer Carging Timber in the New Forest (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Carging Timber in the New Forest (mk37)
Painting ID::  25369
Oil on canvas

Artist: Edmund john niemann
 Edmund john niemann recollections of penn,Bucks (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

recollections of penn,Bucks (mk37)
Painting ID::  25371
oil on canvas 33x48in

Artist: david farquharson,r.a.,a.r.s.a.,r.s.w
 david farquharson,r.a.,a.r.s.a.,r.s.w Glenorchy's Prond Mountain (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Glenorchy's Prond Mountain (mk37)
Painting ID::  25372
oil on panel 11 3/4x15 3/4in

Artist: Amedeo Modigliani
 Amedeo Modigliani Cour d'atelier (mk38) oil painting picture wholesale

Cour d'atelier (mk38)
Painting ID::  25374
v 1919 Huile sur toile 74 x 59 cm Ancienne collection Jeanne Modigliani

Artist: Alfred wilson cox
 Alfred wilson cox The Woodmans'Bower,Birkland,Sherwood Forest (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

The Woodmans'Bower,Birkland,Sherwood Forest (mk37)
Painting ID::  25377
oil on panel 16x21 5/8in

Artist: William Pitt
 William Pitt Old Cottages at Stoborough,Dorset (mk37) oil painting picture wholesale

Old Cottages at Stoborough,Dorset (mk37)
Painting ID::  25378
oil on canvas 11x16in

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