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Style: landscape

Artist: Maurice cullen
 Maurice cullen Moret,Winter (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Moret,Winter (nn02)
Painting ID::  23076
1895 Oil on canvas. 23 5/8x36 1/4" Art Gallery of Ontario,Toronto

Artist: Maurice cullen
 Maurice cullen Summer near Beaupre (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Summer near Beaupre (nn02)
Painting ID::  23077
c.1898 Oil on canvas 17 1/4x21 15/16"

Artist: Maurice cullen
 Maurice cullen Levis from Quebec (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Levis from Quebec (nn02)
Painting ID::  23078
1906 Oil on canvas 30 5/16x40 1/8"

Artist: marc-aurele de foy suzor-cote
 marc-aurele de foy suzor-cote Stream in Winter (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Stream in Winter (nn02)
Painting ID::  23080
C.1911 Oil on canvas

Artist: Clarence a gagnon
 Clarence a gagnon Summer Breeze at Dinard (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Summer Breeze at Dinard (nn02)
Painting ID::  23082
1909 Oil on canvans 21 5/8x32 7/8"

Artist: Tom roberts
 Tom roberts Bourke Street,Melbourne (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Bourke Street,Melbourne (nn02)
Painting ID::  23083
c.1886 Oil on canvas 20 1/8x30 1/4"

Artist: Tom roberts
 Tom roberts Impression (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Impression (nn02)
Painting ID::  23084
1888 Oil on cedar panel. 4 5/16x17 1/4"

Artist: Tom roberts
 Tom roberts Mentone (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Mentone (nn02)
Painting ID::  23085
1887 Oil on canvas mounted on board 20x30 1/8"

Artist: Charles conder
 Charles conder Departure of thte OrientCircularQuay (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Departure of thte OrientCircularQuay (nn02)
Painting ID::  23086
1888 Oil on canvas 17 3/4x19 3/4" Purchased 1888

Artist: Arthur streeton
 Arthur streeton Redfern Station (nn02) oil painting picture wholesale

Redfern Station (nn02)
Painting ID::  23087
1893 Oil on canvas 16 1/16x24"

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