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Style: landscape

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Haying, Conway Meadows oil painting picture wholesale

Haying, Conway Meadows
Painting ID::  2488

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Yosemite Falls oil painting picture wholesale

Yosemite Falls
Painting ID::  2489

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Nevada Falls oil painting picture wholesale

Nevada Falls
Painting ID::  2490

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt The Matterhorn oil painting picture wholesale

The Matterhorn
Painting ID::  2491
29.49 x 49.49 in / 74.9 x 125.7 cm The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Surveyor's Wagon in the Rockies oil painting picture wholesale

Surveyor's Wagon in the Rockies
Painting ID::  2492
1859 7.76 x 12.87 ins / 19.7 x 32.7 cm The Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Newbraska Wasatch Mountains oil painting picture wholesale

Newbraska Wasatch Mountains
Painting ID::  2493
1859 13.27 x 19.25 ins / 33.7 x 48.9 cm The Phelan Collection

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Valley oil painting picture wholesale

Cathedral Rock, Yosemite Valley
Painting ID::  2494
1872 13.86 x 19.13 ins / 35.2 x 48.6 cm Collection of Ryan M. Cooper

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Landscape with Deer oil painting picture wholesale

Landscape with Deer
Painting ID::  2495
1876 9.02 x 12.99 ins / 22.9 x 33 cm Private collection

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Nassau Harbor oil painting picture wholesale

Nassau Harbor
Painting ID::  2496
1877 14.76 x 20.00 ins / 37.5 x 50.8 cm The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, California

Artist: Albert Bierstadt
 Albert Bierstadt Canoes oil painting picture wholesale

Painting ID::  2497
1888 12.99 x 18.50 ins / 33 x 47 cm The Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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