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Style: animal

Artist: John Singer Sargent
 John Singer Sargent Arab Stable (mk18) oil painting picture wholesale

Arab Stable (mk18)
Painting ID::  22042
1905-06,watercolor on paper,10 7/8 x 14 3/8 in special subscription fund,The Brooklyn Museum,NY

Artist: Claude Lorrain
 Claude Lorrain Eagles (mk17) oil painting picture wholesale

Eagles (mk17)
Painting ID::  22201
1654 Pen and ink.Gabinetto Nazionale delle Stampe,Rome 20.3 x 27.2 cm

Artist: Walter Crane
 Walter Crane The Horses of Neptune (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

The Horses of Neptune (mk19)
Painting ID::  22288
1892 Oil on canvas,86 x 215 cm Neue Pinakothek,Munich

Artist: Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov
 Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov The Rape of Europa (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

The Rape of Europa (mk19)
Painting ID::  22364
1910 Painted porcelain 24 cm hight Private collection

Artist: BRUEGHEL, Jan the Elder
 BRUEGHEL, Jan the Elder Sense of Taste (mk14) oil painting picture wholesale

Sense of Taste (mk14)
Painting ID::  22385
1618 Oil on wood,64 x 108 cm Prado,Madrid

Artist: WEENIX, Jan
 WEENIX, Jan Game Still Life Before a Landscape with Bensberg Palace (mk14) oil painting picture wholesale

Game Still Life Before a Landscape with Bensberg Palace (mk14)
Painting ID::  22387
1703/16 Oil on canvas,345 x 561.5 cm Alte Pinakothek,Munich

Artist: WEENIX, Jan
 WEENIX, Jan Boar Hunt (mk14) oil painting picture wholesale

Boar Hunt (mk14)
Painting ID::  22388
1703/16 Oil on canvas,345 x 206 cm Alte Pinakothek,Munich

Artist: Gustav Klimt
 Gustav Klimt After the Rain (mk20) oil painting picture wholesale

After the Rain (mk20)
Painting ID::  22458
1899 Nach dem Regen Oil on canvas,80 x 40 cm Autrian Gallery,Vienna

Artist: Diego Velazquez
 Diego Velazquez Head of a Stag (df01) oil painting picture wholesale

Head of a Stag (df01)
Painting ID::  22503
1626-1627 Cat no 33

Artist: Diego Velazquez
 Diego Velazquez A White Horse (df01) oil painting picture wholesale

A White Horse (df01)
Painting ID::  22556
c 1634-1635

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