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Style: abstract

Artist: Jan Toorop
 Jan Toorop The Young Generation (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

The Young Generation (mk19)
Painting ID::  22315
1892 Oil on canvas.96.5 x 110 cm Museum Boymans-van Beunigen,Rotterdam

Artist: Gustav Klimt
 Gustav Klimt She who was La Belle Heaulmiere (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

She who was La Belle Heaulmiere (mk19)
Painting ID::  22323
1885 Painted plaster,50.6 cm hight,25.8 cm long Musee Rodin,Paris

Artist: Carlos Schwabe
 Carlos Schwabe Pain (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

Pain (mk19)
Painting ID::  22327
1893 Oil on canvas,155 x 104 cm Musee d'Art et d'Histoire,Geneva

Artist: Edvard Munch
 Edvard Munch Madonna (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

Madonna (mk19)
Painting ID::  22329
1895-1902 Colour lithograph,60.7 x 44.5 cm Munch-Museet,Oslo

Artist: Alphonse Mucha
 Alphonse Mucha Study for the cover of Christmas and Easter Bells (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

Study for the cover of Christmas and Easter Bells (mk19)
Painting ID::  22332
c 1900 Pencil on tracing paper Private collection,Paris

Artist: Malczewski, Jacek
 Malczewski, Jacek In the Dust Storm (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

In the Dust Storm (mk19)
Painting ID::  22336
1893 Oil on canvas,78 x 150 cm Muzeum Narodowe,Poznan

Artist: Malczewski, Jacek
 Malczewski, Jacek Vicious Circle (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

Vicious Circle (mk19)
Painting ID::  22340
1895-1897 Oil on canvas,174 x 240 cm Muzeum Narodowe,Poznan

Artist: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz
 Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz God the Father (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

God the Father (mk19)
Painting ID::  22346
1896-1902 Stained glass,846 x 390 cm

Artist: Witold Pruszkowski
 Witold Pruszkowski The Circus (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

The Circus (mk19)
Painting ID::  22347
1906 Oil on canvas,99.5 x 105.5 cm Muzeum Narodowe,Warsaw

Artist: Witold Pruszkowski
 Witold Pruszkowski Christ Among the Children (mk19) oil painting picture wholesale

Christ Among the Children (mk19)
Painting ID::  22348
1908 Oil on canvas,67 x 70 cm Muzeum Narodowe,Warsaw

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