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Style: abstract

Artist: Johan Thorn Prikker
 Johan Thorn Prikker Madonna among the Tulips (Before the Cross) (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Madonna among the Tulips (Before the Cross) (mk09)
Painting ID::  21546
1893 Oil on canvas,146 x 86 cm Otterloo,Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller

Artist: Giovanni Segantini
 Giovanni Segantini Roman Carts (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Roman Carts (mk09)
Painting ID::  21564
1873 Oil on canvas,21 x 32 cm Florence,Galleria d'Arte Moderna,Palazzo Pitti

Artist: Egon Schiele
 Egon Schiele Female Model in Bright Red Jacket and Pants (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Female Model in Bright Red Jacket and Pants (mk09)
Painting ID::  21592
1914 Gouache and Pencil 46.5 x 29.7 cm Vienna,Graphische Sammlung Albertina

Artist: Alexei Jawlensky
 Alexei Jawlensky The Red Shawl (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

The Red Shawl (mk09)
Painting ID::  21614
1909 Oil on canvas,54 x 49 cm Private collection

Artist: Henri Matisse Prints
 Henri Matisse Prints Dance (La Danse) (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Dance (La Danse) (mk09)
Painting ID::  21616
1910 Oil on canvas,260 x 391 cm St Petersburg,Hermitage

Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
 Wassily Kandinsky Untitled (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Untitled (mk09)
Painting ID::  21621
1910(1913) Pencil,Watercolour and ink on paper,49.6 x 64.8 cm Paris,Musee National d'Art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou

Artist: Piet Mondrian
 Piet Mondrian Broadway Boogie-Woogie (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Broadway Boogie-Woogie (mk09)
Painting ID::  21623
1942/43 Oil on canvas,127 x 127 cm New York,The MUseum of Modern Art

Artist: Kasimir Malevich
 Kasimir Malevich Suprematist Painting (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Suprematist Painting (mk09)
Painting ID::  21624
1916 Oil on canvas,88 x 70.5 cm Amsterdam,Stedelijk Museum

Artist: James Ensor
 James Ensor Skeletons Fighting for the Body of a Hanged Man (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

Skeletons Fighting for the Body of a Hanged Man (mk09)
Painting ID::  21625
1891 Oil on canvas,59 x 74 cm Antwerp,Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten

Artist: Juan Gris
 Juan Gris The Teacups (mk09) oil painting picture wholesale

The Teacups (mk09)
Painting ID::  21645
1914 Papier colle,Oil and charcoal on canvas,65 x 92 cm Dusseldorf,Funstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

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